\”Who is a producer of club music?\”

Is such a person a musician? In some cases they certainly are, but while making music, do the sounds dedicated to the dance floor and created by a musician play the most vital part? A music producer is without doubt a man who knows how to run DAW software. But, is it really important while producing this kind of music? A man like that definitely has to be a good sound engineer. But still, does that count? A musician, a programmer, a sound engineer? Is such a person able to create a dance floor track? In certain circumstances, the most crucial thing a producer can offer to party people is the rhythm. It is the rhythm that deliberately or subconsciously makes you experience the most intense emotions. During a break, the tension grows and everyone waits for the rhythm. Regardless of the way, the rhythm occupies a crucial role at a party. It is the rhythm that gets you interested or bored, but either way it is omnipresent in the world of clubbing. It is constantly created by producers, programmers, musicians, sound engineers – simply Rhythmers.

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