With Skrillex\’s new album… excuse me. I mean, with Justin Bieber\’s new album, Purpose blowing up in the way you\’d expect a pop superstar\’s album to blow up, EDM has been bombarded with a smattering of unofficial Bieber remixes. The latest one to surface, taking the form of a \”cover\” rather than a remix, comes from LA resident AUGUSTII featuring vocals from Anthony Pavel with their version of Sorry.

AUGUSTII, who has generally taken to various forms of house music, like their recent original track, Automatic, have taken a different route to flip Sorry into an upbeat future bass track. The result is a groovy, full, and melodic drop that doesn\’t come off as too aggressive like other Bieber remixes have. Anthony Pavel\’s vocals sound nearly identical to the original\’s to the point where I had to double check that it was actually a cover.

Overall, this cover is a prime example of how talented artists can take cookie-cutter pop tunes and create beautiful music. Like and share the track to support AUGUSTII and Anthony Pavel, and grab a free download.