After an article filled with negativity regarding the new collaboration remix by JAUZ & Marshmello, YourEDM found themselves in the center of a heated Twitter rant by JAUZ who claimed the site purposefully photoshopped negative comments on a Facebook post together in order to make fans reception look worse than it actually was.

Earlier today, JAUZ & Marshmello dropped their fairly relaxed, melodic remix of Duke Dumont\’s \”Need U (100%)\”. Both JAUZ and Marshmello have been teasing a collaboration for some time now, and fans were slightly underwhelmed when the remix didn\’t carry what they thought it would from two of the biggest rising producers in the EDM scene right now. But by the looks of things, this isn\’t even the real JAUZ & Marshmello collaboration.

Regardless, JAUZ was seemingly upset due to the fact that YourEDM shone spotlight over random Photoshopped comments, and made it seem as if JAUZ\’s entire fanbase was truly upset by the remix. JAUZ asks the site to no longer post about him, and even says the owner tried to apologize to him last week, to which JAUZ did not respond. Calling out one of the larger EDM sites, saying they\’re \”the TMZ scum of the industry but also just some pure unadulterated fuccbois\”, isn\’t entirely good publicity. Fellow producer Oliver Heldens even had a few words to say about the negativity.

Read JAUZ\’s Twitter posts below, and read the YourEDM article here.

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