Recently, the Internet has been abuzz over Twitter\’s favorite young philosopher, Jaden Smith, and a song he recently released from his upcoming album. The song, titled \”Moon In My Room\” features his sister Willow Smith and a beat that clearly is not original.

The beat sounds nearly identical to Louis the Child\’s remix of \”Body Gold\” by Oh Wonder. The Chicago producers released the remix several months ago. Once it was apparent that the beat was stolen, the Internet was heavily critical of Smith on sites such as Soundcloud and Twitter.

However, once the word got out, the producers of the track quickly apologized. One tweeted that it was their fault that the sample wasn\’t credited, and the other producer on the project personally thanked Louis the Child. The original uploader on Soundcloud added sample credit in the song\’s description. Take a listen to the two tracks below and decide for yourself.

Photo Credit: Healthyceleb