After releasing “Sad Songs”, the Brazilian singer-songwriter teams up with Laura Padaratz for this amazing and nostalgic new tune “Swear I Saw Ghosts.” The production on this track is bar none. The radio friendly “Swear I Saw Ghosts” boasts amazing melodies, trap infused drums, and soothing vocal tones that are perfectly placed on top of the track. The lyrics are very relatable telling a story of the negative situations every one faces that come out and slow down the mental healing process that is needed to overcome. Everyone fights their demons and this song truly reflects that with an uplifting tone bringing positivity during your trying times. J.V. himself explains It’s about being haunted by the ghosts of a past love.” – J.V.

J.V. certainly knows how to tell stories through his music and being paired with the equally talented Laura Padaratz tops it all off. J.V. resides in the bustling city of Florianopolis, and Island located south of Brazil. It’s easy to hear the influences of a beautiful landscape in this production. He is a very talented individual and we look forward to hearing what he has coming next.

Listen to “Swear I Saw Ghosts” here:


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