creds to kimberylanne tan ;)

It feels like only yesterday when Porter Robinson and Madeon released their uplifting collaboration Shelter and caused an uproar when announcing their back-to-back live tour.
Since then devoted fans and EDM enthusiasts alike have had the opportunity to experience once-in-a-lifetime awe-inspiring musical performances that saying they were life changing wouldn’t be an overstatement.

Many in the electronic music community were curious to find out whether the duo’s collaborative efforts were a one-time deal or the start to something even more beautiful; it’s sad to say that this is it for Porter Robinson x Madeon.

In an interview with Tommy West the magicians share how the Shelter project was meant to be a “transient moment” and how they wanted “the whole thing to feel like a blink.”
Upon concluding their extended run, the two will return to their respective solo careers.

Whether Porter and Madeon will cross paths again in the future to pick up from Shelter will remain a mystery. Thus for now, all we can do is treasure their immensely joyful musical synergy.
Sooner rather than later, the Shelter tour will become a pleasant memory from the past; so before you miss the actual ‘once in a lifetime’ performance, let yourself experience it before it’s too late.

Check out their remaining tour dates here and tune into their recent interview with Tommy West.

photo ©: Kimberlyanne Tan