We all enjoy staying home with our family, friends or a significant other and watching our favorite tv shows or movies. Everyone of us has chosen different types of tv systems to fill our needs the best, some are outdated and we keep them because we are used to, and some have made their research and chosen the best option possible. 

Since the internet is becoming improved every day, with faster upload and download time, now the 5g, it is a better option to choose an internet powered tv, not because it is faster, but because you can watch whatever you want not being restricted to only a few shows or movies. 

We made this article to show you what exactly is IPTV and what are the advantages of using it over cable TV.

What is actually IPTV


This is a tv broadcast with the power of the internet. Unlike the regular cable television that is connected to your tv and you get to see what is up on the list of the days schedule, with programs that you may or may not like, in the IPTV everything is customizable, you can choose what you want and when you want it.

It is easier to implement it because you don’t need hardware for it. If you have a smart tv you can install an application and it can work that way. Another benefit is that you can download that same app on your laptop or your smartphone and it will work too if you have connected it with the same account. 

Since we have seen what is IPTV in a nutshell, we need to see what are the benefits of using it instead of the regular cable tv. If you want a short rundown of those benefits, click here.

1. Picture quality


Since the IPTV is powered by the internet it is safe to say that the picture quality depends of the quality of the internet you have. IPTV comes with fiber optics so you can implement optic internet to maximize your performances. Anyways, a standard quality is full HD, but with a good connection you can even get a 4k resolution. 

2. Opportunity to choose


Unlike the cable TV where you have strict schedule of the programs, and fixed programs that you can’t change but only adapt to skip them every time, the IPTV has many options that you can choose from. First of all, you can choose which programs you would like to watch and which you don’t. Only the programs that you want will be included in your program list.

Keep in mind that this is not forever, if you change your mind, and want to add another program or remove one from the list if you are not satisfied, you can do that whenever you want. With the IPTV you don’t have a strict schedule and that is really important for these times when we are overly occupied with our responsibilities but we don’t want to miss our episode or movie. If you missed something that you want to see, you can go in the menu and watch it whenever you can. 

Other options like the pause button are a very interesting option that allows you to pause the show or whatever you watch. For an example you are watching your favorite show and you get an important phone call, why would you want to miss something when there is this option. Just pause and when you finish, resume the show. Also, there is a rewind option, this is essential when you are watching something that you want to see again. For an example let’s take sports.

There is a goal that you might want to see again and with the rewind option that is possible unlike the regular cable tv where if you miss it that’s it you can watch it on the highlights on youtube after and that is pretty annoying. When it comes to sports, it is better to use IPTV to watch them because there are broadcasts of almost every game that is played. In case you don’t want to watch live tv, you can request a movie and because it is an internet-powered tv source you can watch it in no time. That way you don’t need to subscribe to other streaming apps because you can do it via IPTV. 

3. Speed


The speed is dependent on the internet quality but since we live in the modern era, almost everyone has a good internet connection so that shouldn’t be a problem. In case you don’t have great internet speed, you can suit yourself with different options. The cable tv speed is great but robust, you can’t watch whatever you want and you don’t have any of the options from above. The IPTV can buffer a bit because it is streaming, but that will not happen often if you have a great internet speed. 

4. Working on other devises as well


While the cable TV can only be connected to your tv, the IPTV can be connected to every devise that you use if you connect it with the same account. Let’s say you have roommates that don’t want to watch the same show as you, you can watch different shows in parallel time on different devises. If you go on a vacation and you have the needs to watch a movie but you didn’t bring your laptop with you, you can watch it on your smartphone since they have bigger screens now, or on your tablet.

5. Price


The price is dependable on where you live, different country has different providers that charge different prices. In most cases IPTV offers more affordable deals because it is a relatively newer platform and that is good for promotion.

There are deals where you can pair the internet, your mobile phone and your tv and put them on the same bill so it becomes more affordable. The cable tv sometimes may be slightly cheaper but as they say, the cheaper is not always the better. In my opinion it is better to spend a little more to have these options from the above. 


Your satisfaction and enjoying your free time as you want is your top priority. We have seen what the IPTV offers and we have seen that is better than cable tv in many ways. In the end, the choice is yours, choose what makes you happy and enjoy your time.