NGHTMRE is no doubt on everyone\’s radar right now.

Reminiscent of early trap a few years ago or the future/deep house craze that took over mainstage sets around this time last year, NGHTMRE\’s genre-bending, incredibly unique style of music is heard everywhere now, even if you don\’t know it. In fact, you could even argue that his style uses elements from both of these genres. There\’s really no way to describe what he makes, which is exactly what I look for in electronic music.

With songs like Gud Vibrations with Slander and the Mad Decent-released STREET, NGHTMRE is only getting better and more popular with time. You might have seen him in a late slot on Sunday of Lollapalooza or during his two-hour set earlier this month at The Mid. I got to ask a few questions to this inspiring and groundbreaking artist via email, and I like him even more now. Read the interview below and be sure to follow NGHTMRE on Facebook, Twitter, and Soundcloud.

So how was your summer?

Definitely one of the better summers I\’ve had. I was playing shows most of it for the first time ever, which was amazing.

Tell me a little about your show about Lollapalooza. How was it warming up the crowd for Bassnectar and playing a shortened set because of the rain?

Lollpalooza was unreal. It was right at the end of a 5 shows in 4 days stretch so I was really tired and unsure of what to expect. As soon I as I arrived they were evacuating everyone from the festival for the storm and wasn\’t even sure if I would play. Fortunately they just moved my set back so it was right at the end of sunset and right after ASAP Rocky finished on the stage next to me. I just got on the mic and yelled at everyone to come over and party because I only had 30 minutes and it worked!! Crowd went from probably 500 to 6,000 people in a matter of minutes. It was without question the most high energy and responsive crowd I ever played for.

How do you like Chicago? How did you like your show at The Mid?

I haven\’t gotten the chance to spend a ton of extra time in Chicago but whenever I do I love it. The Mid was absolutely insane. Hit capacity before I even started and the crowd was amazing once again. Plus I don\’t play 2 hour sets often so it was fun rocking with people for that long. They went hard until the very last song.

I saw in another interview that you were a finance major at North Carolina. Do you think that\’s helped you in your music career so far, maybe with management or anything along those lines?

Yeah definitely, I have my own LLC and run all my income/expenses through that so its helpful when i\’m reviewing my financial statements and in any other financial conversations I have. Plus I went through business school so I took plenty of marketing classes and other useful stuff for branding yourself as an artist.

Do you have any advice for people in school that are working hard and also trying to achieve their dreams?

Having the confidence that you can do anything you set your mind to is the first step!!! It\’s true, you just have to know it. Once you know what you want to accomplish you just have to find the tools you need and go do it!

You\’ve had a pretty quick rise to stardom this year. What do you think attracts so many artists and fans to your sound?

Well, I really try to maintain a bit of musical integrity with my songs. I usually write out my chords/lead melodies on a piano before i turn into something electronic just to make sure the song actually its catchy. I also really try and make sure my mixdowns on my tracks sounds really great. If something is easy for DJ\’s to play and sounds great on big speakers, its got much more a possibility of being supported by the DJ community.

How did you decide to make the genre-bending style of music that you make now? Was there a specific genre you were making a year or two ago?

I didn\’t really decide. I just make things that I like. I enjoy melodic stuff and crazy bass music stuff and trap stuff so I just try and combine them all into my own take on it in an original way. When I first got into music I was doing a lot of electro house…been on the trap/breakbeat vibe for a little while now though.

What was it like when you were first blowing up and you were watching your Soundcloud plays skyrocket? 

It was definitely exciting.  I spent 3 or 4 years releasing tracks without much real attention. Its nice to see people actually listening to something you put so much time into.

You have a really great relationship with your fans on social media. Do you think that\’s helped you be successful in the industry?

I definitely think so. I try to respond to as many promo emails and snapchats and Facebook messages and everything as I can. If fans can relate to you and see that they like you AND your music then theres a much stronger bond. Plus I really want to thank as many as I can. I wouldn\’t be able to do what I love if they weren\’t supporting me.

Who are some up and coming artists that we should watch out for?

Quix, Aryay, Diskord, and pretty much the whole 13th Grade crew.

Who are some of your influences? You\’ve made several songs with Slander, what effect have they had on your music?

Love the Slander guys. We have such a good workflow its always fun working with them. We have similar influences too which is why I think it works well. Guys like Jack U, Dj Snake, GTA, RL Grime are the most inspiring to me.

Who are some other artists you hope to work with in the future?

Would love to work some great vocalists. Maybe some rock guys I listened too growing up like Anthony Kiedis or Matthew Bellamy! I\’ve got a bunch of collaborations about to come out, with Flosstradamus, Ghastly, Loudpvck, Boombox Cartel, B-Sides and a couple others. A few more in the works I can\’t mention yet too 🙂

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