As voted the #1 DJ for two years in a row by the people, it\’s pretty hard not to go see Hardwell when he\’s in your city. For the first time, Hardwell is bringing his \”I AM HARDWELL Tour\”, which kicked off last year in Amsterdam, to North America – but only to select cities. Starting today, Hardwell\’s starting his trek in Chicago which will lead him to Madison Square Garden which is the epic finale for the North American tour. After that, Hardwell will be beginning another Europe tour, so your chance of seeing this tour again are slim to none. Hardwell\’s known for his exquisite mixing and his exquisite production in terms of his show, so you won\’t want to miss this. Check out our top 5 reasons to see his shows below.

5. Hearing Hardwell\’s right-hand man, Dannic


He isn\’t as well known as Hardwell, however, Dannic is one of the up and coming producers that has been killing it in terms of his latest progressive house songs. Dannic isn\’t your typical big-room DJ, he\’s notorious for having some of the best mashups and mixing classics with some nice melodic tracks, and the fact that you get to see him along with Hardwell is just something you can\’t pass up.

4. Surprise guest appearences


Despite Dannic\’s opening act, there are multiple instances where some of Hardwell\’s colleagues and/or guests from his songs show up to perform an exclusive rendition of a specific song live – or just to premiere something new and exclusive. Regardless, there are instances where many from the Revealed camp show up and make the experience so much better.

3. It\’s the only Hardwell-centric experience


Although Hardwell plays at countless festivals and clubs, Hardwell usually mixes in upcoming songs from various labels, as well as playing music that\’s up and coming from his label. Even though you might hear some of the same tunes at his IAH show, the tour is more focused on Hardwell and his own productions, also, it\’s quite possible that you can hear some of the music from his upcoming album as well.

2. Meticulous lighting and visuals


Hardwell is known for having some of the best production at his shows, and the I Am Hardwell tour is no exception. Pyrotechnics, lighting and visuals are all carefully planned and created for every song Hardwell plays, which ensures a more inviting and enjoyable experience. There is actually an entire crew that makes sure the visuals, fireworks and confetti are all in sync.

1. You\’re partying with the number 1 DJ in the world


Although the DJ Mag list is widely criticized, the fact that you can tell everyone you saw the number 1 DJ live is pretty cool, and his sets are extremely unforgettable. Lasting from anywhere up to 3 hours, Hardwell\’s sets are filled with exciting elements that make every show extremely unique, and every show is one of it\’s own. It\’s possible he may not perform in Chicago again for a long time, so this show stop is extremely special.

Now that you know why you should go see Hardwell, it\’s up to you to go see his breathtaking show tonight at the UIC Pavilion, 8pm CST. Although tickets aren\’t available via TicketMaster, Facebook and social media are great places to look for tickets. Don\’t get scammed though, be wise before buying!