Throttle\’s growth in becoming an incredibly successful artist only gets more and more impressive as you hear his newest track \”Money Maker\” and then remember that his music mastermind is only 19. Signing with Spinnin\’ Records and working side by side with Oliver Heldens, Throttle\’s future holds nothing but exponential growth as an artist.

You\’ve skyrocketed with your track, \”Money Maker\”. Tell me a little bit about what influenced you to make the track. Were you influenced at all by other artists\’ styles?

Robbie (Throttle): I was super inspired to make a groovy piano track and I was also listening to a ton of James Brown at the time. Then I found the \’shake your money maker\’ sample and then I added that to the track, then I just pulled strings and kept editing it. It really happened in a couple of days though! But then it took like a year to finish and then I would go back a month later and get some feedback from Oliver Heldens and fix up what he told me to fix.

I recently interviewed Oliver Heldens and when I asked him about the one artist people should look out for, he said you!

Robbie (Throttle): Really? Ya, he\’s given me quite the leg up. Him and I finished our track \”Waiting\” and then he brought me on the bus tour a few months ago. And he\’s been great about giving me feedback on my music as well

Where do you see yourself in the future, like what are your goals in the next few years or so?

Robbie (Throttle): Not sure exactly but in 5 years I\’d love to do a live show. So taking it back to 2007, I saw Justin Timberlake and he was one of the first artists I ever saw, and he was there with a full live band. A massive, circular stage with a full live band and after I saw that I realized, this is what I want to do. As the phase gets bigger and venues premiere, I want to start bringing in different live artists and that\’s where I want to bring in this full disco live band idea in 5 years. I got a glimpse of this on Oliver\’s bus tour where I actually came out on stage and did a live guitar solo.

If you could collaborate with anybody, dead or alive, who would it be and why?

Robbie (Throttle): Dead? Micheal Jackson. Alive? Justin Timberlake. I mean like I said, Justin Timberlake was the reason I got into music and MJ is a legend. His musicĀ  had such an influence on my sound. Years ago, this girl that I really liked was a huge MJ fan and I hadn\’t known of him but told her \”Oh I love him too!\” and then went home and listened to every single song and was like damn!

What do you feel is the difference between the presence of music overseas and in the US?

Robbie (Throttle): That\’s a big hard to say due to the fact that I\’ve only been traveling the past couple of months. I\’ve found though that the Americans are way more open to dance music than those in Australia. In Australia, the crowds are so tough to please, that you really have to bring your A-game. So when I\’m here I like testing out different styles and everything here. I\’ve also noticed that the daytime club parties absolutely thrive the groovy, bouncy house.

What\’s your thoughts about EDC? What\’s your favorite part?

Robbie (Throttle): Playing \”Money Maker\” honestly. Playing it on a mainstage and being able to cross that European, Australian, and American gap was honestly great. It\’s been absolutely amazing, especially having to experience it on a big system and a big crowd. I also love running through the festival and catching the crowd and music.

What\’s it like working for Spinnin\’?

Robbie (Throttle): They\’re awesome! When I first started working with Oliver, we sent them 10-15 tracks and they were like, we love Money Maker, we want it. And from then on they\’ve been incredibly supportive of working with me. They\’re so versatile and they are so open to new music.

Thanks so much Robbie, it was nothing short of a pleasure getting to spend some time with you at EDC NY.

-Alexandra Shafran and the rest of the EDM Chicago Team