How did the two of you come together to create the music that you do?

Snakehips: We met randomly in Hong Kong a few years ago and just decided to start making beats together when we got back to London. We started putting music out online pretty soon after that.
What do you believe sky rocketed your guys\’ careers?

Snakehips: I think we’ve been just gradually building over the past three years. Just trying to be consistent with the music we put out and working with other artists and singers who we think are dope. We\’ve got to a place now where we know how we wanna write & what kind of stuff we wanna write too.

You guys have had some major collaborations with the Weeknd, Wild Belle, Banks, how does it feel to work on collabs them?

Snakehips: We started off doing lots of remixes for a bunch of different artists, which was a cool way of putting our own stamp on songs that people already knew & making people think about those songs in a new way. We\’ve been doing more of our own material recently & worked with some our favourite current artists which has been amazing. Its so dope to be able to create music with people that you listen to all the time and have such a respect for.

What was the most memorable event or trip that you guys have had?

Snakehips: Our last trip out to the States was pretty memorable. Just the response we got at Coachella & the other couple shows we did around that was amazing. They were some of the best shows we\’ve ever played.

If you guys could dabble into any genre, which would it be and why?

Snakehips: I wanna learn the bagpipes. So some kinda Scottish thing.
What are a few artists that you guys think deserve more attention?

Snakehips: Theres so many people that deserve more attention. Heres some people I\’ve been listening to today: B. Lewis, Pomrad, Antwon, Tuamie, Vanilla
Where do you yourselves in 3 years?
Snakehips: Hopefully just still doing our thing!

Thanks so much Ollie!

-Alexandra & the rest of the EDM Chicago Team