Security for homes has been an important decision to be taken by all house owners to protect their properties and to have a secure life. Currently, many types of cameras are available that can be used to monitor your house. Ring cameras are a good option and have been popular these days.

With the help of a ring camera, the owners of the place can look out for any robberies or other incidents closely. This type of camera is more convenient than others and provides people with better living conditions. However, home security can act as an issue for privacy; therefore, steps to understand how to hide a ring camera are beneficial.

Read further to know various ways by which you can hide your ring camera and still can have a look at the property with proper security.

Why Should You Hide The Camera Used For Security Purposes?


In the early days, no cameras could be easily hidden in places to check out if a theft happened in the house or at any place of concern. However, thanks to the advanced technology that is constantly developing and changing, it is now possible to do so with many types of cameras available in the market.

But why should you hide them if they are used for security purposes? The short answer is that hiding a camera is essential to keep it away from criminals or thieves who could target it and destroy it to get rid of the evidence. When these people see the cameras, they can easily disable them and proceed to do their work without being identified or caught.

Another reason is due to privacy concerns. When someone realizes they are being recorded, misunderstandings and inconvenience might arise making them uncomfortable. So, hiding your camera can benefit you in checking your home while making others feel comfortable around it.

Recording Through A Hidden Camera: Legal Or Not?


Recording videos for security is legal unless the camera is placed in a private area such as a bathroom. If the cameras are inside the house, then further understand certain legal guidelines that should be followed before taking action.

Research the laws specified in your area and take an attorney’s advice if necessary. It is also a better option to stay on the safer side. Some places need the consent of the people who will be recorded, so ensure that these steps are clear before installing a camera.

Installing the camera in a manner that doesn’t harm anybody involved but also can catch any unexpected incidents is helpful for the security of your home. So try to keep it in a hidden place that does not interrupt the privacy of others.

Hide Your Camera Successfully: 4 Ideas To Try


The ring camera can be easily hidden or placed in places that are both outside and inside the house. Here are some of the easy ways you can try this out for the safety of your house.

Flora For The Rescue

Plants are one of the easiest and best options to hide your camera. Whether outside or inside, plants can hide it properly while maintaining the aesthetic of the house. Make sure to choose a plant that can cover the camera entirely. This is important to keep in mind, but also it is essential to place it in a plant that can capture videos from a great angle and clearly.

Bushes and shrubs are great options for the outdoors, and potted plants can be used if it is for indoors. You can add camouflage skin to the camera to match the plant’s color. This will help it to blend with the plant and doesn’t make it noticeable.

Hiding Behind A Window Or A Curtain

Another effective way is by keeping the camera behind a window or a curtain. This way, it is hidden from the eyes of the people but also is the easiest way to capture the footage in a better way. The thieves may catch the camera from outside.

However, placing it behind a windowsill makes it harder for them to disable it. Even if they can disable or destroy it, you might have received the footage by then, which will be directly sent to your devices.

Common Objects Used In And Around The House

So many everyday things at your house can be used to hide the cameras. From bookshelves to smoke detectors, the list goes on. These are easy. You don’t have to overthink about installing the cameras properly.

You can use tissue boxes, stuffed animals or toys, potted or desk plants, clocks, picture frames and other decorative things. You can place more than one camera to get footage from different angles.

Hide It Without Hiding It Using Camouflage Skin

You can even put out your ring camera openly by using camouflage skins. This is one of the excellent options out of all the ideas as it will blend well with the surroundings and make it less suspicious for others.

And if chosen the proper color, it will never be noticed as well. You can place it inside a plant with matching colors or any other place by adding the color that matches the other objects in the area. This method is not entirely risk-free. However, only someone with a sharp eye can figure it out. Therefore, the chances of noticing are less.



With more crimes happening every day, installing security cameras outside and inside your house is an excellent way to prevent theft or other illegal incidents within your property. Ring cameras help solve this issue. They are easy to install and recommended due to their easy use and convenience.

However, keeping the camera in a place that outsiders do not easily view is better. Objects around your house can be beneficial for hiding your ring camera and getting clear videos. Choose the places and objects carefully, both for safety measures and for a better and clear image of the evidence.