There are some essential pairs to life you can\’t go without. For every meat lovers pizza, you gotta have pineapple, for every \”Top 100 DJs\” list you need three shots of Everclear, and if you ever had dreams of breaking into the big house scene, you gotta toss copious amounts of Sausage Fattener on every, single, channel.

The biggest essential pair in our bass heavy shufflin\’ lives however, is the great pilgrimage to the Mecca of EDM, because are you really an EDM fan if you haven\’t been to Ibiza? This logic seemed to hold true as Diario De Ibiza (Note: Source is in Spanish, for you bilingual ravers), a local based newspaper, declared that 2016 was the busiest year for the little Mediterranean island.

Running off of the numbers from Ibiza International Airport, from October 2015 to October 2016 exactly 7,109,115 people have flown to the holy site, showing a 14.6% increase from previous years. So yes, despite the multiple federal raids and closing clubs, Ibiza is still the holiest of holies and it seems like its gonna stay that way for some time.