\’Cant Explain\’ is the new four-track EP from South London duo, Howson\’s Groove set to drop at the end of this year.

The EP opens with title track, \’Can\’t Explain\’, a dreamy downbeat cut that blissfully marries tropical-house top notes with breaks-influenced rhythms and sprawling synths. Up next \’Chalk and Cheese\’ reflects Howson\’s Groove\’s bass heavy DJ aesthetic, offering up a pleasurable collision of bumpy muted bass and clipped shimmering vocals. \’Picking You Up\’ is the final of the duo\’s original offerings on the EP, and successfully reflects all the best bits of the grimy 90\’s bass cuts by which the duo are still inspired.

Completing the release, London producer Celsius smashes out a stellar remix of the \’Can\’t Explain\’ original, mutating it from languid lounge groove to certified set weapon. A fear-drenched bass riff and sporadic synth flares underpin the renovation, resulting in the kind of heady club anthem for which Celsius is renowned.

Out now on Beatport.