Cannabis seeds are quite delicate despite their tough outer shell. Storing them in the wrong place or under the wrong conditions will render them ineffective. As a result, they will either not germinate or grow into low-quality marijuana. So, how do you store cannabis seeds well?

We have compiled this definitive guide to give detailed information on how to store cannabis seeds, especially if they are high-quality ones like 420 sale seeds. The best places to store the seeds and ideal conditions to preserve their long-term or short-term quality are in it.

What Are The Ideal Conditions For Storing Cannabis Seeds?


Storing cannabis seeds has its fair share of challenges. You must maintain the right condition other than cleanliness to preserve the seeds and ensure they are viable when using them. Below are the ideal conditions.

• Temperature

First and foremost, you must store the seeds at an ideal temperature. If for a short-term, you can store them in an area with stable temperature. However, if it’s long-term, you should put it in a refrigerator and set the temperature at 6°C to 8°C. Before doing so, pack the seeds in an airtight container or bag to avoid freezing them. To prevent temperature fluctuation, you should have a designated freezer for storing the seeds.

• Humidity

Humidity can also impact the quality of weed seeds, ensuring an ideal level. The right humidity ranges from 20% to 30% Relative Humidity (R.H.), which we recommend for both short and long-term storage. This humidity level is achievable with the right tools, such as sealed containers. Keeping the humidity low can be daunting if you live in a humid area. Nevertheless, for the seeds’ sake, it’d be best to use other measures like putting Boveda humidity control packs in the container.

Controlling humidity is essential because low humidity will render your seeds unviable. For instance, below 8% is ideal for reproducing damaging pets. The fungus will attack the seeds at 12% to 14 %, which can affect the germination rate later on. Slightly above the level of 18%, the seeds will sweat and eventually rot. Higher humidity, around 80% R.H., will drown the seeds and lead to rot.

• Oxygen

It’s also advisable to lower oxygen levels to elongate the lifespan of the seeds. To do so, you will put the seeds in a container or bag and then use them to remove oxygen through flushing. This process entails replacing oxygen with carbon dioxide. Doing so deprive the seeds of oxygen, which can cause premature germination. This method also controls insects and pests in the container, hence the longevity of the seeds.

• Light

Cannabis seeds require minimum light during storage for preservation. Depending on where you will store them and what you will use, you can put them in a dark cupboard or room. If not, it’d be best if you cover the containers to prevent direct sunlight, which makes the seeds start using their nutrients after long exposure.

Where To Store Cannabis Seeds


You can use different places and storage equipment to store and preserve cannabis seeds.

Some of these places are ideal for short-term storage and others for long term. Note that in the case of containers and bags, it helps to use food-grade material. As reputable cannabis seed stockists, the following are where we advise you to store the cannabis seeds:

• In Glass Jars

Glass jars like the Mason ones are arguably the best for storing cannabis seeds due to their features. These jars are airtight, which prevents the entry of moisture. They also come in different sizes, which makes them ideal for storing varying quantities. And to top it all off, they are easy to handle, and you can put silica desiccant packs inside them to regulate the interior humidity.

Additionally, you can easily control the light by covering the jars with an opaque cloth.

These glass jars are ideal for medium or long-term storage. On the downside, using glass jars requires extra caution since they can break. But being reusable, proper handling makes them worth it.

• In Titanium Jars

Like glass jars, metallic ones are also ideal for storing cannabis seeds because they protect them from direct sunlight. The opaque and airtight feature slows down oxidation.

Of all the metallic jars, titanium ones are the most suitable because, unlike other metals, they don’t leave a metallic taste on the buds.

• In Vacuum-sealed Bags

The vacuum-sealed bags are made from polyamide and polyethylene. They are also ideal places to store and preserve cannabis seeds. The polyamide’s oxygen impermeability ensures the seeds don’t dry out. At the same time, their seal prevents moisture from getting inside and affecting the seeds. However, you must carefully choose the bags since static charge within the plastic bags can affect the weed’s valuable trichomes. It’d be best if you use the anti-static ones.

• In paper Envelopes


Paper envelopes are also effective for storing weed seeds, albeit short-term. And while using them, choose thick envelopes that protect the seeds from direct sunlight. In addition, you should regulate humidity by putting desiccant packs in the envelopes. To keep them dormant, you should keep the envelopes in a dark space like a cabinet. On the upside, it’s easy to label the different seeds using paper envelopes.

• In Mylar Bags

Mylar bags are another better alternative to glass or vacuum-sealed bags. These special carriers are ideal for long-term storage because you can heat seal them and put oxygen absorbers within to keep the cannabis seeds safe. The mylar bags will also protect the seeds from direct sunlight and outside humidity.

• In Airtight Storage Containers

These are another viable option for storing cannabis seeds because they prevent the entry of humidity and moisture. By putting in desiccant packs, you can ensure that the moisture trapped inside the container doesn’t affect your seeds. For preservation, you should put the containers filled with cannabis seeds in cool and dark places like drawers. Note that these containers are suitable for short-term use.

• In Freezers

Lastly, you can put the cannabis seeds in a freezer, which is the best option for long-term storage. However, doing so creates a high risk of spoiling seeds due to low temperatures and constant temperature changes. As a result, temperature fluctuations may damage the trichomes, increase mold growth, and alter cannabinoids.

The best way to keep the seeds safe is to put them in plastic bags resistant to cold temperatures. Additionally, after packing, you should keep the seeds far back where there is minimal temperature fluctuation and direct light.



Should different types of marijuana seeds be stored differently?

It’s best to store the different types of cannabis seeds differently. Doing so is essential because mixing the seeds can make it challenging to identify which strain you are growing. By separating them, you can label the containers with each strain for easy identification. You will also limit the number of times you will open the container if it is clearly labeled.

How long can you store cannabis seeds?

Cannabis seeds can last for years, although it would be best to germinate them at three.

Some growers have reported storing the seeds for up to years. Note that the duration depends on how well you store the seeds. We recommend following the ideal conditions we covered earlier.

What to do if you find insects or mold in your seeds?

The presence of insects and mold in your seeds is a telltale sign of affected seeds.

However, since these seeds are costly, the best approach is to test them before deciding what to do. You can test if the seeds are still good using the germination test. This test entails taking a few seeds and putting them in a moist towel, then monitoring their development.

You should ensure that the conditions are ideal for germination. Suppose the seeds under observation are 10; five growing is a sign that the whole package is affected and will have a poor germination rate. To avoid this, ensure that you keep the seeds in ideal conditions and high up in the ground. It will help if you also spread diatomaceous earth (D.E.) around where you store the seeds.

What are the pro tips for storing cannabis seeds?

Our expert tips for storing cannabis seeds include and are not limited to keeping the environment consistent with preserving the seeds’ quality. To prevent mold and pathogen attacks, you should maintain humidity at around 55-65%.


Cannabis seeds are alive hence the need to properly store them, especially if you don’t intend to use them immediately. As a grower, you can buy cannabis genetics from external sources. However, it will be costly to do it often hence the need for long-term or short-term storage.

You need the ideal condition, such as a dark area, proper humidity, and temperature, to do so. It would be best if you stored the seeds in suitable places like the ones covered in this piece. In doing so, the cannabis seeds will be preserved and viable for almost five years, provided that you buy quality seeds from reputable seed banks.