What is a tattoo? A memento? A memory? A grave mistake? It can be all of that. Work of art, or a messy drawing? It can be both of them. While many of us wear our tattoos with pride others aren’t as lucky. Yes, some tattoos were never meant to be.

Drunk mistakes or teenage irresponsibility? It doesn’t matter. While someone will wear their sleeves tattooed others will look to remove their cute little butterfly from the bottom of their backs or even bottoms. Not all of us are the same. Not even remotely.


So, what happens when you’re not satisfied with your tattoo? Well, if you’re not satisfied with its appearance you can rework it, or change it. Cover-ups are quite frequent in the body art industry. It all depends on your tattoo maestro.

But, the issue the majority of us face is what to do when you want it completely gone. You’re lucky once again. Medicine has advanced far enough that today it is possible to remove your tattoos entirely. While Dwayne Johnson covered up his old bull tattoo with an even more powerful one, we understand that you’re not The Rock. You want it gone, right?

So, is there a cure? As we said, medicine has advanced and today you have people such as medispa who excel in this domain and work on issues such as tattoo removals. The treatment is called laser tattoo removal and it is quite a standard procedure.


Today, millions of people feel better thanks to medical assistance after they had their tattoos removed. We understand it, not everyone wants to carry a tattoo all of their lives especially if it no longer means anything. Do you want to get over it, and do you want to do it quickly? This begs the question – can a tattoo be removed in one session? Let’s try to answer this.

One Session – No Tattoo?

Do you have a tattoo? A bad one? Do you want it gone? Very well, it can be done. Is that a sigh of relief? It is, for sure. But you want it done in one go. That could pose an issue. Yes, in theory, it is possible.

But, you need to have a very small tattoo. When we say small, we’re talking miniature. Imagine if you quit your tattooing process after only a few needle bites. It needs to be that small for it to be able to be removed in one go. Usually, it is not possible. Most tattoo removals require time and patience. We’re talking about three to twelve sessions.


Of course, even these numbers are not written in stone. For some people, it takes even more sessions. It all depends on the laser that’s being used and on the user himself. The patient matters too. Not everyone’s skin is the same. Some have their ink dried pretty fast while others have difficulties getting far away from their printing mistakes. It comes down to a few factors that are shared among all patients.

First of all, it starts with your immune system. Not everyone reacts the same to laser treatment. In addition to the laser, your body is part of the process of breaking down the ink and repairing the skin structure.

The next factor is the tattoo itself and its position on your body. Our skin is thicker on our forearms than it is on our backs. So the location of the ink matters also. Beyond these two factors, you also need to factor in the type of ink used. You can’t know those once your tattoo is made or you simply didn’t care, but upon removal, it will play a  vital role.

Some types of ink get removed faster while others are quite persistent in the remaining part of your body. It is also important to the amount of ink used. Do you have a full tattoo, a colored one, or a simple shape drawn on your body? The amount of ink varies from user to user, and it can be detrimental to the speed of your ink removal. You can make the equation yourself. If it took it long to be drawn it will be a long process of removing it.

As we said, it all comes down to individual preferences. Some people put a tattoo over their scar. This can make things rather complicated and it gravelly affects the results of laser treatment. Last but not least it is also important if you smoke or not.


It is a well-known fact that your skin is affected by a smoking habit which later results in the process of tattoo removal. What also should be known and you shouldn’t ignore is that in the times we live in technology plays a vital role.  With laser technology, it was never easier to remove a tattoo. But you need to contact professionals who know their job but also use state-of-the-art tech.

Your tattoo will be destroyed in particles by a laser beam and while not too complicated this is a serious procedure. When you undergo this process you want your skin handled by the best professionals in the field using modern equipment. If you want the best results you’ll seek the best.

Not all machines in this domain are the same. The better the machine the fewer sessions you’re going to need. With a weaker laser in a less secured hand, you’re going to need more sessions. This translates to more money and more time, which is something you want to avoid. The quality of the laser combined with the experience of the operator is the formula for the best result.

Bottom Line

Tattoo removal was never easier. But, it’s no wonder procedure. It can’t be done in one go unless you’re having a truly miniature piece on you. You probably need a few sessions, but that’s not to worry about.

In the end, you’ll have your ink removed one way or another. With a little stinging and a few visits to the doctor, your ugly past will be no more. So, if you have a tattoo you want to be removed, don’t wait any longer. The sooner you start the process, the quicker it will be over.