Coachella, if not all festivals, are known for the music, the vibe, the history, but also the people, and their clothing. Seeing that Coachella is one of the longest running music festivals in the United States, it has seen its fair share of different generations, and has a reputation for still keeping some vintage flair. The Coachella experience is quickly evolving into something more, and giant clothing retailer H&M is looking to cash in on whatever that may be. Set to launch in March, the new \”H&M Loves Coachella\” collection will feature \”bohemian-inspired\” clothing for both men and women, reasonably priced starting from $4.95 through $49.95. The women\’s line will feature rompers, crop-tops and more with a heavy focus on \”lace\” and \”romance\”, and the men\’s line will feature graphic tees and shorts. H&M will also be running a pop-up store at the festival to allow festival-goers to purchase more Coachella-exclusive merchandise. You may remember H&M had its eye on Coachella last year, as they featured some of the festival styles in the \”Street Styles\” YouTube series. To get a small glimpse of what you might see from the H&M-Coachella collab, you can watch that below:

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