Everyone who owns a website aims for a high ranking on Google. This is especially in the interest of large and small companies that want to reach a large number of users around the world. But it isn’t so easy to achieve that. Good website positioning requires certain skills and knowledge that not everyone has. This is why it often happens that website owners hire SEO companies that specialize in this area. They provide a high-quality package of services and a team of people who have the necessary knowledge to stay up to date with the latest SEO strategies. Therefore, it’s necessary to find a reliable agency that provides such services and whose reputation isn’t damaged. Otherwise, you won’t get the desired results and you will soon realize that you have wasted money in vain. You need to make sure that the agency you hire applies best practices and the latest strategies to meet your business needs. Our pick for this job has always been the agency

So how can you be sure that you have found the right company? Very simple. Organize an interview where you will try to find out everything that interests you. Only in this way will you be able to assess the reliability of your partner and decide whether you want to achieve cooperation.

Here are some questions you should ask them.

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1. What results have you achieved so far?

The first thing you need to find out is how much experience they have had, as well as what results they have achieved in the past. It can tell you a lot about their efficiency and dexterity. How many years they have been working online, whether they have qualified professionals, and who will work on your case is the information you need, to gain insight into their reliability. Hiring good professionals is crucial so that someone’s incompetence doesn’t jeopardize your position and create more problems than benefits.

Previous successes can be a good indicator of a company’s competence. Those who can’t show you examples of positive results may not be a good choice. You may not expect the same success that has been achieved with some other clients, but you need something that will tell you that you can trust. Contact WebSwiggy

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2. Did you have experience with companies like mine?

Previous experience with your competitors tells you whether they have a good understanding of what it takes for such a company to reach the very top of the search list. An SEO agency will show competence to work on your project if it has achieved good results on the project of your competitors.

Ask them to explain to you the strategy they used and to give you some suggestions on how they could improve your position.

If they start to convince you in the story that they work with people like you every day, you should not consider them further as an option. Because it’s probably an attempt to impress and keep you.

This question should explain to you whether their way of working would suit you.

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3. What is your link-building practice?

A bad link-building strategy can cause you to rank poorly, as well as a waste of time and money. Therefore, the SEO agency with which it cooperates must understand the seriousness of this segment. Otherwise, it cannot confirm its competence to work on your project.

The methods used must be secure, verified, and consistent with reliable SEO strategies. Also, the sources of links must be related to the subject of your business. The anchor text and the link must look completely natural and spontaneous, unobtrusive, so as not to upset Google.

The agency must avoid bad practices such as spam on forums or mass commenting on blogs. This kind of promotion is of low quality and intrusive.

Experts with experience will be able to consider your intentions before creating a link and know Google’s terms.


4. What is the method of choosing keywords?

Did you know how important keyword choice is to make a website stand out from competing websites? However, this isn’t just a by-product to be done, but its relevance is fundamental. Compliance with the intention of the searcher is also important.

If only the amount of traffic matters to the agency you’re interviewing, you can end the conversation right away. SEO means much more than that. The main goal is to direct the content towards the target group we want to reach. If the keyword cannot achieve that, then optimization loses its meaning.

Therefore, the answer to this question must be exactly what you want to hear, because it can be a basic indicator of whether cooperation has a future or not. We often recommend Earn SEO, since they are one of the best SEO company offering different SEO packages based on number of keywords you pick.


5. Will the project require a redesign of the website?

On-page optimization is one of the crucial steps of an SEO strategy. If an SEO company shows interest in redesigning a website, that should be a good sign. It’s mainly the source of a large number of problems and poorly achieved results.

This should be one of the first steps that will immediately solve all technical problems that negatively affect the ranking. Alignment with Google standards is necessary because without it there will be no progress.

Of course, ask them to explain to you what changes they want to make so you know if it suits your needs. Once you agree to their proposal, you will need to provide them with the private information needed to access the website. Make sure they understand the coding and background changes so as not to damage your webpage.


6. Can you guarantee a high ranking and excellent results?

Search engine optimization is a very complex job that involves the application of various knowledge and skills that can lead you to the top. However, this success cannot be guaranteed by any SEO service provider, no matter how effective they have been on some previous projects. If they do start to convince you that your high rank is guaranteed, don’t let yourself be fooled. Such an offer may seem tempting to you, but ask yourself how realistic it is.

Even with the application of all ranking factors and online marketing factors, the positioning will still be uncertain and unstable.

Real SEO experts won’t tell you fairy tales or assure you of their special relationship with Google, which will provide you with the desired views. But they will tell you what you might expect and what steps they plan to take on the way to the goal. They can offer you the opportunity to be visible on Google, for your product to reach the target group through social networks, the attractiveness of your content, and much more when searchers visit website.

Unlike SEO companies, we can guarantee you a good choice if you ask these questions at the very beginning. Good luck!