Miami-based Henrix, gets on the Flamingo label and takes his \”Light\” with him as a secret weapon destined to tackle everything head on that gets in the way of the very thing they want the most.

The piece begins inconspicuously with funky guitar riffs, after 30 seconds Henrix tosses in Daft Punk-ish arpeggios and this is the moment the \”Light\” starts evoking your curiosity. But there\’s more, it changes again after the next half a minute, like the author\’s original plan was to tease a little bit of your feelings. But despite the fact you start liking the \”Light\” even more. \”You had my curiosity but now you have my attention\” quote from Django the movie fits here perfectly. The tune keeps building up like that till the first breakdown to prepare you for the bing bang which is something you have to actually hear. Words here will not describe the uniqueness of the moment.

Released: 22/12/2014