\”ffuuu….\”. That is all I was able to utter when I first heard the preview to \”Hacker Crap\”. That\’s about all I can say anytime I listen to Helicopter Showdown. These four dudes from San Fransisco make some of the filthiest, most hard-hitting dubstep and electro-house I have ever heard. It makes me want to destroy everything around me while my heart is overwhelmed with happiness (in a good way). If you happened to catch them at EDC Chicago a few weeks ago, then you may understand how I feel. Anyway, check out this monster tune \”Hacker Crap\” along with the collaboration, \”Cali Born,\” with equally talented Virtual Riot. Both tracks bring a lot energy and deserve some loud and frequent plays. Give a listen to HS\’s \”Thee Vile Creatures\” EP as well for some more heavy and melodic bass. You won\’t regret it.