At only 23 years old, the Russian based Dmitrii Mitrofanov aka Heamy has already gained a cult following in the Neurofunk scene. Drawing on influences such as Pendulum, Noisia, Spor, Camo & Krooked as well as Amon Tobin and Bonobo, Heamy’s precise yet melodic style has attracted the attention of Tamrecords, and even earned him uploads on the mighty NeuroFunk Grid Youtube channel.

Now, the young producer steps up to Bad Taste with the Spacetime EP. The EP takes listeners on a multi faceted journey, with dancefloor smashers, atmospheric rollers and everything in between. Featuring the unstoppable juggernaut ‘Digital Mayhem’, a collaboration with Asphexia, as well as the incessant ‘Vortex’ and ‘Spacetime’, The EP also features more atmospheric tracks like ‘Little Empire’. For a complete journey through Heamy’s sonic vision, a full length mix is also included

01. Spacetime
02. Backbone
03. Motion
04. Dream Vision
05. Fallback
06. Vortex
07. Little Empire
08. Digital Mayhem
09. Full length mix

Released: 16/02/2015