The refrigerant gas is required for air conditioners to work; without which, air conditioners would simply pump hot air around the room. As a result, it is critical to top it up on a consistent schedule and overtime to guarantee that the air conditioner remains in good working order.

Many aircon specialists call gas replenishment as air conditioning gas topping. It is quite an important aspect of guaranteeing an air conditioner’s effectiveness that professionals recommend servicing it once every year. This post will clarify common misconceptions regarding air con gas top and how frequently you need to do it.

Aircon gas top-up is not essential


Since many individuals are unfamiliar with this air conditioning service, they prefer to neglect it. They also feel that their air conditioner can run properly without this Maintenance. It is a definite NO. Let me list several explanations for why the above claim is false.

  • One of the most popular services provided by air conditioning professionals to Singapore customers is the replacement of air conditioning gas.
  • Many people in the country are aware of the benefits and drawbacks of not having their aircon unit topped up.
  • It is a key air conditioner service that is available across Singapore.

Therefore, the very next time you get your air conditioners serviced, don’t forget to notify the expert, if he misses, to top up your air conditioning gas.

Aircon gas top up does not affect decreasing energy use

When your ac unit has a lower gas refrigerant level, it takes significantly much time to cool your area. If it requires a couple of hours for your internal temperature to drop to reasonable levels, it can strongly indicate that you have a large power usage. An air conditioner gas refill allows the device to cool your space faster, lowering energy consumption. It should be remembered that lower gas levels are caused by gas leakage. If the leakage is discovered earlier and if your device is new, it will be simpler to fix.

When you top up your air conditioner’s gas, you’ll notice a drop in your energy use. Topping up can bring the following advantages:

  • Aircon gas top up seals the Freon leakage.
  • Topping up fixes the issue in the entire ac system.

Of course, this will result in a reduction in your energy use. As a result, you will save not only electricity but also money.

It can be done without the assistance of a professional


If you have nothing better to do with your time, performing air conditioning service on your own may sound appealing as it will charge you zero. Although, if done incorrectly, the process of doing it oneself might result in an even higher expense.

Finally, think about your safety. If your air conditioner is in an area where mishaps are probable, it’s best to leave it to the professionals. They will not just possess the necessary tools to reach these regions safely, but they will also be well-trained to deal with a variety of potential risks.

It is not required for your air conditioner to function properly.

This misconception, like believing your car to work properly without regular Maintenance, is another well-known example of popular aircon misconceptions that we can simply disprove. Your air conditioner can work fine for the first several months, but with frequent usage and a lack of basic upkeep, it will ultimately begin to fail and need your time and attention — or, perhaps worse, your money.

Aircon units, unlike automobiles, do not often feature warning lights that indicate when anything is wrong. You’ll only realize that instead of lowering the temperature in your area, your air conditioner is pumping hot air. Therefore, make a service call with your beloved aircon professional to avoid any unexpected costs.

Gas Top Up Doesn’t Influence AC’s Overall Efficiency


It’s, in fact, a myth. A simple top-up will guarantee that the internal components are good operating order. Aircon gas top up servicing can improve the way compressors as well as freons function. These parts have a strong relationship with the efficiency of air conditioning systems. If you are worried about the operation of your ac unit, check for gas leakage.

Air conditioners account for a significant portion of overall residential energy use. It’s mainly because practically everyone only thinks about fixing their appliances when they break down. To put it another way, they’d wait unless their air conditioners ran out of gas and have been inefficient. They would contact an air conditioning technician when it’s probably too late. Aircon service is done to avoid unnecessary costs and a limited lifespan, not to fix the unit.

Regular Maintenance does not include air-con gas topping

This misperception arose partially as a result of some people’s misunderstanding of what regular air conditioning service requires. However, this case was before the internet era. Nowadays, many aircon check-up firms understand the need to fully state what regular servicing comprises because a fast Search on google will reveal what competing firms are providing.

In reality, considering the way air conditioners are built, the main thing a skilled technician performs is top of the refrigerant gas. The expert will first inspect the device to ensure no leakage. It is accomplished by cleaning the system prior to refilling your gas supply. To put it another way, this is Air Conditioning 101!

Aircon Gas Top-up is expensive


Do you remember the fable about ostriches hiding their heads in the ground and expecting their issues will go away? It is incompatible with air conditioning. Forgetting to top off your air conditioner’s gas may cause you and your budget further issues. Despite common opinion, gas top-ups in Singapore are reasonably priced. Always search for a reputable and reliable air conditioning maintenance business that can supply you with excellent air con top-up services and ensure that the work gets finished to your requirements.

Without adequate maintenance, the refrigerant pipes may leak, affecting the functioning of the air-conditioning system. Therefore, keep the above suggestions in mind and contact an expert anytime you observe a warning signal indicating reduced refrigerant gas levels. Feel free to ask anything at .