After premiering his latest single, \”Young Again\”, on last week\’s episode of Hardwell On Air, it seems that Hardwell is getting ready to take over the charts in 2015. Today, Hardwell took to Facebook to upload an exclusive ADE / Facebook interview, curated by Levi van Kempen, in which Hardwell announces that his upcoming artist album will be releasing in early 2015. Unfortunately, this is a setback from Hardwell\’s original \”end-of-summer\” release date, but we\’re sure all of the songs on it will be nothing but quality, and we\’re excited for more. Hardwell\’s new album, entitled \”United We Are\”, will feature \”Arcadia\”, \”Don\’t Stop The Madness\”, \”Young Again\” and many many upcoming tracks. As well as posting the interview, Hardwell also posted the artwork for the upcoming album which you can view above. Along with discussing logistics of the new album, Hardwell also noted that he will possibly be going on another world tour to coincide with the release of his album. Would you want to see Hardwell in Chicago again?!