It\’s no surprise that Steve Aoki\’s sets are filled with energy and a ton of surprises, not forgetting about his signature Cake Toss during every performance. Aoki has long been scrutinized for putting on more of an entertainment-driven show, rather than showcasing his talents as DJ.

At a show at the Hard Rock Cafe in San Diego back in 2012, Aoki thought it\’d be a smart decision to jump from a speaker into a blow-up raft in the crowd, effectively injuring Brittany Hickman who was then knocked unconscious and is at risk of being paralyzed. She was then left in the hospital, with her main injury being a broken neck, and was then forced to take off months of work.

Aoki had legal actions taken against him over a year ago but no developments have come out of the case. Now, Hickman\’s representative, Jeremiah Lowe, has announced that Hickman will be taking action against the Hard Rock Cafe, claiming they should have expected that Aoki would be performing some sort of stunt and could have helped ensure attendee\’s safety. Lowe has stated before that, \”It\’s only a matter of time before somebody else gets hurt or killed\”.

The settlement that Hickman is looking for has not been disclosed.

H/T EDMTunes