When something goes wrong during your visit to a hair salon, you might shrug it off. You’re aware that it’s the hairdresser’s fault, yet you don’t want the person to lose their job because of their mistake. It’s even worse if you’ve been with the same hairdresser for years. You believe that the injury is minor and that you don’t need to file a lawsuit against the person.

However, before closing your doors to the idea, realise that you’re not only suing the hairdresser. You’re filing claims against the salon and its owners. Of course, you want the people behind the business to be responsible for their actions. Therefore, you need to take legal action if you want justice for what happened.


Owners have to train hairdressers

Perhaps, you had someone without the necessary training and experience deal with your hair. If the person fails to pass the tests or doesn’t meet the required number of hours, it’s the salon owner’s fault. No hairdresser should cater to clients until they’ve received training or certification. Unfortunately, some salon owners try to short-change their clients by employing barely qualified individuals.

The salon must have quality tools and supplies

The tools and supplies used in the salon must be of top quality, though they don’t necessarily have to be the most expensive choice. There would be a greater possibility of injuries if the owner didn’t invest in the right supplies.


You must have a choice

Before applying anything to your hair, the hairdresser should tell you what the product is. You also have the right to decline or choose something else if you believe what you’re getting doesn’t suit you. If asked if you’re allergic to a certain substance, be honest. If you are unsure, the hairdressers must first conduct a test on a small portion of your skin before applying the products to your hair.

Some hairdressers will tell you to get more services to improve your hair. If you don’t understand the services, ask questions and allow the hairdresser to explain. No one should touch your hair or provide unwanted service without informed consent.

Salon maintenance is necessary

Apart from the hair services, maintenance of the entire salon is also part of the owner’s responsibility. The salon must not only have hairdressers; there must be utility staff who will maintain cleanliness and orderliness. Anyone can slip and fall inside the area since hairdressers handle liquids and chemicals all the time.

Even the direction of the fan must also be at a right angle. Otherwise, the scent of some products will move towards the clients waiting for their turn. If they happen to be allergic, it could be a problem. Failure to employ people who will maintain the salon is the owner’s fault.


Salons must have the necessary permits

All salons require business permits to operate. The government will check the site to ensure that the owners meet the criteria. The government also reserves the right to deny the permit if there are questionable issues. Unfortunately, some salons continue operation despite the lack of permits. Thus, they’re in bigger trouble if something wrong happens.

Prepare yourself to sue and receive compensation

Given these reasons, you have the right to sue if something goes wrong during your visit to the salon. For hair damage claims you can work with the experts at

Everyone deserves to get paid because of the incident. Look for a legal team with experience in getting hair damage compensation for their clients. You will be more confident when you work with a reliable partner.

After what happened, collect evidence immediately. Take pictures and save them. Go to the doctor to receive treatment and ask for a medical certificate. Spend time to recover while consulting with the legal experts. You should also prepare for the lawsuit. The hair salon might have a legal team that won’t make it easy to get your claims. Prepare to respond to their strategies that will push you to back out and give up the fight.

You have nothing to worry about since you didn’t do anything wrong. You hold the truth, and you have evidence to support your claim. If the judge decides that you should settle the issue outside the court, you will also be better off with these lawyers next to you.

It’s not easy talking to the hair salon owners and their legal team. You will feel intimidated. You might even settle for an amount that won’t begin to compensate for the damages done to your hair. With lawyers by your side, you will receive sufficient help until your compensation is good enough.


You can’t let the owners off the hook

Again, it doesn’t matter if you feel terrible about your hairdresser. It’s not only this person’s fault. You’re asking for legal help because you want the owners to be responsible for their actions. You also want them to do a better job in running the business. Perhaps, there are other potential victims in the future if no changes occur. You’re sending the wrong message if you let them off the hook. It sends the message that these owners don’t have to improve their services, nor do they need to hire better hairdressers or offer adequate training. They will continue to rely on cheap products to maximise their profits. So remember that you’re not only pursuing this legal battle for yourself. You’re also doing it for other people. Perhaps other victims refused to stand up since they didn’t want to go through the process. They will feel motivated to come forward because of you.

Dealing with a legal battle can be challenging. You might not even pursue it until the end. Since you want to receive justice, you must go through the process and never give up. You should also stay positive about the results. Prepare yourself if you have to take the witness stand or talk to the other party during the settlement. They will employ tactics to weaken your arguments. But, if you hold the truth, it will prevail.