After more than a few delays, the highly anticipated album from Israeli underground sensation Guy Gerber and Puff Daddy has been released to the public, and it is completely free. The unexpected collaboration was the result of Puff Daddy reaching out to Guy Gerber, informing him that he was a fan and would like to collaborate on an album together. Puff Daddy, who originally wanted to name the album \”Ketamine,\” wanted fans to know one thing – This is NOT an EDM album. As Puff Daddy states it, this is not for those who are expecting giant festival style drops and want to “jump up and down like a pogo-stick,\” rather this album is a fit for the underground electronic music scene, relying on production value and sonic exploration over hype-elements. While he has stated that it doesn\’t necessarily fit a specific genre, it\’s a welcome contribution to the underground electronic music scene.

The album was released on Guy Gerber\’s Rumor\’s label, and in collaboration with Vice\’s Thump and Beatport is completely free to download. Preview the album on Thump or download it through Beatport.

If you are a fan of Guy Gerber, he will be in town this weekend when he brings his show Rumors to Navy Pier. The show is brought to you by the subject of my last article in the Deeper Than A Drop series, Paradigm Underground. For more information, please visit Resident Advisor. I hope to catch some of you there.

The album can also be found streaming in full on youtube: