\”I\’m just a dude who wants to make you party
…and party, too.\” [GoodSex]

I was so lucky to be able to catch local Chicago talent DJ GoodSex in between his glorious conductings of some of the city\’s best parties. With mix tape names like \”supa-cali-frag-ill-istic-expi-ala DOPE SHIT\” and \”Sexually TRAPsmitted Diseases\” I figured okay, this guy might be a good time. Then I heard his first mix, and I KNEW he was.

When did you start DJing?
I started DJing after college in 2010 when I bought my first Mac. I started by mixing music for my friends after Congress shows.

What was your history with music before Goodsex?
I played piano early on and then guitar in high school. Also played bass in an emo band my junior and senior year. I was never that good but definitely had the motivation to make people move.

Tell me about an accomplishment you\’re really proud of.
Well, the biggest show for me to date was opening for Deniz Koyu on The MID main floor. That really was an amazing experience to play for so many people on such an iconic stage. To imagine I was standing where Diplo has stood… really blew my mind once it hit me. There was a point towards the end of my set after the GM came by and gave me his approval that I just stood there, looked at the crowd and laughed in a way I haven\’t since I was a kid. When I first started DJing in my bedroom for my homies after raves I imagined–almost daydreamed–about that moment and it actually happening was so surreal. A moment I\’ll never forget. An accomplishment, but not something someone told me I had to do or I was supposed to do, it was MY accomplishment.

How did you get your start in the Chicago scene?
I started playing in Lincoln Park at place called Barn and Co. A great spot down the street. The GM is my homey and I got in on a Thursday night for College Night. From there I started getting booked in Wrigley at Deuces and Diamonds, Casey Morons and other college bars. Then one day I played an afties for the right person: DangerWayne. He and part owner Phil signed me on as a resident of PureSoul Entertainment and from there I started getting booked at clubs. It\’s all been up from there.

What do you want to do next?
The next big thing for me will be summer fests. I want to get on the Chicago summer fest circuit. Maintaining my current gigs is also important to me. I want that main floor at the MID again. BAD.

You can already find GoodSex\’s good tunes at these Chicago hot spots:
NV Penthouse
Y Bar
the MID

Make a good choice, listen to GoodSex. Book him by contacting [email protected].

Follow him on SoundCloud for excellent mixes heard in Chicago\’s hottest clubs.