After five years and two official remixes later (listen below), the live bass music trio The Glitch Mob took to Twitter just yesterday to unofficially announce a collab with amorphous bass legend, Lorin Ashton. The Glitch Mob remix of “Heads Up” dates back over four years ago, and more recently, Bassnectar remixed “Beauty of the Unhidden Heart,” off of The Glitch Mob’s 2014 album, Love Death Immortality.

Ashton then confirmed it almost immediately. Cue: the social media feeding frienzy.

For everyone who witnessed The Glitch Mob\’s opening set at Bassnectar\’s NYE360, the news certainly comes to their respective (and overlapping) fan communities with as much utter shock (over the timing of the announcement) as it does with unsurprising awe (since we all knew this was an inevitability). In other words, it was never a matter of if but only when — especially considering how similar their musical styles aim at the fusion of rock and metal into bass music.

It\’s safe to even speculate that the release is very soon upon us, as witnessed by what seems to be a (almost?) mastered track in The Glitch Mob\’s photo. Considering the Bassnectar community has been all up in rumors of a new album coming sometime in July, we wouldn\’t be surprised to see this one out in less than 6 months time.

H/T Dancing Astro