It\’s been nearly two years since Charlie Yin, better known by his stage name, Giraffage, released his last EP, \”Needs.\” Since then, the bass-music wunderkind has been very busy touring with Porter Robinson and Lemaitre and having recently been signed to Fool\’s Gold Records in June. So perhaps now more than ever is it a surprise that Giraffage has new music for us, let alone an entire EP. His new five-track EP, \”No Reason\” exemplifies the growth of his unique, dreamy, almost future bass style of music since his last release. Giraffage cites the events of the last year as his inspiration for the EP.

Giraffage manages to deliver a huge, yet calming introduction to the EP with Hello which contrasts well with the overall punchiness of Chocolate. However, these sound\’s contribution to each track is consistent in varying, creating very distinct tracks that present sounds very reminiscent of each other in the continuity of the album. The theme of the EP is well executed and the production is done in such a manner that it feels like you could stream these songs seamlessly and not get confused by the origin of it\’s production. Though it\’s not intended to be a banger, the style of this EP makes it chill and low-key, yet highly dance-able. There\’s no doubt that hearing these tracks live would evoke a variety of great reactions from most audiences.

The full EP is now available to purchase on iTunes and Google Play, as well as stream in it\’s entirety on SoundCloud.

I genuinely look forward to see the future of Giraffage\’s music as he progresses exponentially in creating great new music for the hoards of people who love it most.

Hopefully the kind of vibe that Giraffage reintroduces with this new EP is what many audiences will have the chance to experience very soon. Giraffage is preparing to set off on his 2015 North American tour in Austin, Texas on January 22, 2015 for a month long tour that spans to cities like Chicago, Seattle, Portland, Boston, Washington D.C, and more.