Moving on from the success of DARDIGEX 012, ‘Time for Change’ & ’Crossfire’ the Dope Ammo team pull a bullet EP out of the hat setting the standards for 2015.

Get Down Massive’ was the intro for Dope Ammo’s set when he performed on the Infamous Bodyshop Stage at the mighty Boomtown Fair. The infectious sonar like lead melody mesmerises from the off, countered by the catchy and somewhat reminiscent ‘Bad Bwoy’ lyric courtesy of the Shaddy MC. Clever bass layering with a warm low throbbing sub and gritty yet easy on the ear top end bass progress throughout, listen out for the Reese on the 2nd breakdown. Hard work and determination is proving key to the success and quality of Dope Ammo’s recent productions, he has really stepped up his game and it is evident within this tune. A fine offering that somehow manages to bring back memories of the old raving days of Helter Skelter in Rollers arena. Good times!!

Take the Dope from the label head honcho Mr Dope Ammo, use it to replace the Run of artist Run Tingz and what have you got? Serious business, that’s what. A colab of two great artists, combining seamlessly as DopeTingz, to conjure up a great remix of ’Real Top Ranking’ featuring Deliman. Think Ridem, Ragga, Energy and a pure Junglistic style, all the ingredients for a killer party tune. A full on vocal affair with Deliman’s super catchy verses make this as Radio friendly as they come but don’t be fooled as this tune is written for the dance floor. Jungle roots entwined with current DnB production techniques delivering Ragga Jungle DnB at its best.

Doing a spot of moonlighting from camp Run Tingz and making his debut appearance for Dope Ammo Recordings. The Austrian born Dossa gets to work and remixes the highly successful ‘Feel the Desire’. Putting a different twist on this for the remix Dossa churns out a moody little rolling number.

Raw Power’ is no head nodder & no pony plodder! This jump up number has the trademark DA sound. An epic riser creates the tension and on the drop opposing basslines battle it out in a last man standing fight for survival. Chopping and changing throughout this is a great DJ tool and one that will get the reaction and for and is the grit

Released: 02/02/2015