People who play online casino games regularly know the struggle when they are too close to winning some prize, but they don’t have enough spins to do that, and still need to wait for hours until the number of spins is renewed. Usually, they need to win some tournaments to get a better prize, but they need to spin more times than it’s available at the moment. That’s why many of these games offer free bonuses when you watch some video ads or confirm through sponsored links on the social media official profiles. Sometimes, when you pay for some features, you also get some bonuses, including free spins.

But, is there any chance to get them without having to pay? If you check some of the legal bonus websites like GoodLuckMate or some other, similar to it, you will see that they provide bonus links for free spins almost every day. You only need to claim them, or sometimes even play some puzzle game, to get them as a reward. Sometimes you will get fewer spins, but when it’s your lucky day, you can get enough to start winning big. Many players think it’s not possible to win a jackpot with the free bonuses, but there are so many successful examples that prove it is possible.

Every new player needs to understand how these bonuses work such as the ones at, so we will try to explain that in this article the best we can.

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There are different types of free prizes by every game

Depending on the game you play, you are getting different bonuses, including the free spins too. When you create your account, you are getting a bonus package without even having to deposit any amount of money. But, you can’t expect that you will be getting enough with the daily prizes, and sometimes you will need to join some forums, Facebook groups, or bonus websites to get your free spins today. Also, you can follow your game’s company on social media, because they usually publish links to claim your daily bonus. As time goes by, you need to invest more, to get more. That means that you will need to pay for some features anyway, but usually, you are getting more than that. Another way is to find free codes online, through the VIP players, so you can get more of your daily bonus. It can be challenging, but of course is not impossible to use some advanced features, without having to pay a lot for that.


How to find the best deals?

You can use one bonus site, or more than one if you want, but it’s always better to find the right website you will use to claim your prizes. It can be pretty difficult to choose just one, because they all seem attractive, and offer nice deals. We will recommend you find one website that works the best for you and use that until you find something better. You can share your experience with the other people who play the same game or even share your bonus link with them, so they can claim something free too. You can sign up for email confirmation, or receive the codes and links through SMS, or chatting apps like Telegram or Viber. Another thing you must pay attention to is the terms and conditions section, especially in cases when the deals are too good. Sometimes, some services require some fee after you win something with the bonus you got from them. So, read everything carefully, and never skip any detail.

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Follow the promotions

Almost every bonus service will have a promotion at some point, so it will be nice if you check them regularly to see what they offer. Promotions are a good way to collect more free spins, but you must be dedicated to your game a lot, so you won’t miss these days or happy hours. The longer you play your casino game, the chances you will catch the moment are bigger and stronger. You have nothing to lose if you check these websites and links regularly.

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Recommend the game or service to someone

Many games offer custom and personalized invitation links you can use to invite your friends. When you recommend the game or the bonus service to someone, you are getting some prize in reward, because you can make the network grow, which is on one side good for you, but the company that provides the game has also a lot of benefits because of that. They need more active players all the time, and the best way to attract them is to use the currently active users, to invite their friends. But, how to make them do that? Offer some great deal, and they will send the link anyway. In the end, both sides are satisfied. The person who invites is getting free spins and coins with every invitation sent, and if someone accepts it, they get a reward that may also include the same features. On the other hand, the game is getting more active players, making it profitable. So, every included side can benefit from this recommending.


Don’t use cheats and illegal links

Cheats exist since the first day the games were invented. Many people think it’s the easiest way to earn more, but the systems are created to catch every suspicious action, and if they see you are using illegal stuff to win the game, they won’t mind suspending or banning you, without permission to ever come back and play again. So, we strongly recommend avoiding these scams and illegal actions, if you want to play safe and secure, because nothing good happens when you use them.

Playing online casinos can be very difficult, especially when you have bad days and you get nothing for your game. But, you need to know that patience is the key skill for this purpose, and the urge to use something that will boost your performance is not always the best solution. We wish you a lot of luck with your game, no matter what action you decide to take, so you can win more.