Confirmation that you have not been convicted and have not committed any criminal offenses will be required for almost every employment. You may also be barred from entering a country. For example, you were an association country and you had a small car accident. You have been scheduled for a trial that you could not attend because your visa is expiring and you have left the country. But you want to visit it again as a tourist. You feel a certain kind of discomfort because you are not sure that you will be able to step on the ground of that country without experiencing discomfort when checking. To make sure that no criminal proceedings have been instituted against you, the best option is to check this.

If we need confirmation that we are not prosecuted, we usually go to the police station of the place where we live, submit a request that will be processed within a day or two.

The Internet makes our lives easier in many ways and more and more people are using it for various purposes. It proved particularly useful during the coronavirus pandemic when we were restricted in movement and forced to follow preventive measures to spread the infection. These are the moments when we have to show responsibility and respect measures. Doing as much work online as possible is certainly one of the useful solutions. Plus, it saves you time because you don’t have to travel.

The criminal record can be checked online, and you can check here how.

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How long does the check take?

In principle, this check takes a very short time, so you can expect confirmation in day two. However, it can sometimes take a lot longer, even a month or two, depending on many factors that are taken into account when checking.

Sometimes the reason for a longer check of a technical nature is, for example, the poor quality of the fingerprints, which requires a more detailed and careful check. Although most offenses become statute-barred within a year, this check is most often checked in the last seven years, and sometimes more.

Another common reason for delaying the issuance of a criminal record is an incorrectly completed application by the person requesting this document.

Types of Criminal Record Checks

This is a check that is done solely at the personal request of the person. Another factor on which the time required for verification depends is the situation and the level of verification required. By this, we mean a full check with all personal information and all appeals and convictions that did not lead to a conviction, personal information, and conviction history, or just a statement of whether there is a criminal record. The more data you need to collect, the longer the check takes.

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The validity period of the Criminal Record Certificate

It is especially necessary to emphasize that the certificate of impunity is valid for 6 months. It is interesting that embassies and foreign authorities treat the validity of the certificate of impunity differently (criminal records certificate), so I advise you to ask the embassies/foreign authorities how valid the certificate of impunity is (for some embassies it is valid only 2 months).

What is the difference between a police and a court certificate?

A certificate of impunity from the police is a certificate that contains data on convictions or non-convictions (data from criminal records).

A certificate from a court is in fact a belief that, at a given moment, no criminal proceedings have been initiated and that no investigation has been initiated against someone based on a check in the centralized records of basic and higher courts, as well as public prosecutor’s offices.

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What does a criminal record certificate prove?

This certificate proves that no criminal proceedings are instituted against the person who submitted the request for extradition for criminal offenses that are prosecuted ex officio. It is also proven that no final decision has been made to conduct an investigation against that person, that there is no confirmed indictment, or that no verdict has been issued on issuing a criminal order or a non-final verdict for criminal offenses punishable by a fine or imprisonment.

Mandatory verification of criminal records

There are jobs for which you will not need this check, but there are also jobs that require this type of check. If your job is related to working with children and vulnerable adults, the field of medicine, education, as well as non-teaching staff in schools, and employment in a state institution, without criminal records, are small chances for employment. Of course, clean criminal record.

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Deletion from criminal records

We have already mentioned that some cases become obsolete after a certain period, and you can apply for deletion from the records. For example, in most countries, a conviction reprimanded or acquitted is deleted from the criminal record if the convicted person does not commit a new offense within 1 year of the judgment becoming final. Also, probation is deleted after the expiration of a period of 1 year from the date of termination of the probation period if the convict does not commit a new criminal offense during that time.

Depending on the conviction in question, it will be deleted from the criminal record under different conditions. If the convict is sentenced to over three years in prison during the period for deleting the conviction, neither the earlier nor the later conviction will be deleted. So, a sentence of imprisonment over 3 years is not erased! The conviction cannot be deleted from the criminal records during the duration of security measures. If the sentence is changed by amnesty or pardon, the new sentence is not important for the deletion, but the one from the final verdict.

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Final thoughts

A criminal record check is something you ask for exclusively when you have a reason for it due to the fact you will be charged for that service in some countries and because it is the document valid only for six months. Now when you know your criminal record is clean, you can travel as long as you want and finally find your dream job.