People use the best quality product for their doors and gates. They are the first line of defense against burglars and thieves. In addition to this, it is not easy to replace them. Therefore, if you want them to work for a really long time, you need to make sure that you maintain them. Proper maintenance keeps things in order so they work efficiently for a longer time.

And garage doors are quite heavy, they are not easy to move. Therefore, you will need professionals to replace it. But sometimes, the doors are having some minor issues like a problem with their spring. This results in making it hard to open. And because you are not aware of the technical details, you won’t notice it. Therefore, hiring a professional would be the only choice that you will have.

For example, will help you out when your door spring breaks. So if you want to prevent your door spring from breaking, you need to take care of it. And to do so, you need to know where garage doors located are and how to get damaged. If you know the details, you will be able to maintain it on time.

You can get to know the location of these door springs and how to maintain them. Furthermore, you can also learn about the details. For example, the diameter that you need (if you are going to replace it on your own). Likewise, the length of the spring according to your door and the diameter of the wire. These are important parameters that you will need when you decide to change the spring.

So here are some of the tips that will help you take better care of your garage door.


1. Limit your use

A lot of people use their garage door to enter and exit their homes. If someone has an attached garage with their home, you will often see them using it. Although this might seem easy to them but this practice is not good for the garage gate.

If you give it 10 cycles a day, you will need to replace the springs once every 2 or 2 and a half years. But you do not need that many cycles per day. If you only use it for its purpose, you might open it twice a day. So this will let you enjoy trouble-free usage for around 7 years.

2. Timely inspections

Small problems and minor inconveniences with the door are often ignored by the homeowners. They keep using the door irrespective of the minor problems. This practice results in quick deterioration of the parts in the longer run.

If the springs are having some problems because of friction, you need to oil them. If you do not oil it regularly, it will damage rather quickly.

Therefore, just like you oil your car engine on time, you need to oil your doors too. It is better to give the oil than to replace them after a few years of use just because of your negligence.


3. Clean and clear tracks

You need to clean the tracks of your doors. The accumulation of debris and rust will create problems while opening and closing the door. Therefore, you need to remove all the debris and rust. Otherwise, the rust will eventually increase and because you are not oiling the parts on time, they will become useless.

4. Tighten the screws

Apart from oiling and clearing the debris from the hardware and spring parts, you also need to tighten the screws. So while you are clearing all that accumulated debris, you should check the brackets too. Fasten any screws that seem loose. Because if you leave them loose, they will fall off after some time.

The whole gate system vibrates when you open or close it. Therefore, these vibrations can easily make the bolts and screws lose their grip and fall out. So if you want to prevent them, you need to inspect the, on time.


5. Lubricate the rollers

Apart from the springs, there are rollers where the gate rolls up. If you lubricate the rollers on time, you will get a smooth opening and closing. So if you feel like there is some problem with the gate functioning, you need to oil the hardware and lubricate the rollers.

And because there are some hard-to-reach areas, you can also use lubricating sprays. There are such sprays available in the market. You can use them easily. They are best for such places where you cannot use any other means. Lubrication is only needed twice a year. This will prevent any debris and rust and thus, allows you to enjoy smooth and trouble-free use for a longer time.

6. Check the weather stripping

There is the rubber weather stripping that prevents the cold, debris and water. Therefore, it is an essential thing for the proper working of your garage gate. However, this rubber layer will get damaged over time and will start to wear off.

So if you see any torn parts of the weather stripping, you need to replace it. So check for any loose or broken parts and get a new one to replace them. This will prevent weather damage to the gate.


7. Check the auto-reverse function

Garage gates have the auto-reverse function that prevents any possible accident. If the gate detects any pressure on its bottom, it will auto-reverse itself. So if there is a car or a person under the garage, the pressure sensors and photocells on the sides of the gate will send a signal. This will keep the gate open until you close it again.

This is a safety feature and of great importance. Therefore, you need to make sure that it is working properly. You can check it by placing a small box under the garage. If the pressure sensors are working properly, the gate will reverse in 2 seconds. Otherwise, get a mechanic to replace it.