If you’re a college student and you love going to EDM shows, then this might be your next event. Actually scratch that last part, if you’re in college, especially if you attend one of the elite universities that run college football season, then this will definitely interest you.

As EDM is more mainstream than ever before, it’s starting to cater to college kids, or more specifically college parties. While trap music is more recognized among this crowd, there are so many more subgenres of dance music that have similar drops out there waiting for us to rage to. If you don’t know the difference between dubstep, drum and bass, and moombahton, they all have one thing in common: they make a pretty fantastic party playlist. One way to discover new sounds is to get your squad together and go to check out a concert such as the Game Day Tour.

Brought to us by Verge Campus and Thump, the Game Day Tour is a traveling EDM event celebrating college football game days. Headliners include 12th Planet, AC Slater, Yogi, and many more. Locations are at various college campuses from east coast to west, and occur on nights before huge conference games.

As a Wisconsin Badgers fan, I can only imagine how rowdy this weekend would be. The day would start with a massive pregame at the Majestic Theatre with Yogi and Ape Drums. Later, we would watch the Badgers take on the Iowa Hawkeyes, followed by more celebration after the victory of course. Sounds like a non-stop party.

Check out the schedule (which includes a stop at Indiana University in November) and purchase tickets here.

photo credit: g.m.a.d.