\”We make music, fuck a genre\”, say Nicolas and Lémuel of Alesia. Recognized by most for their collaboration with DJ Snake on Bird Machine, the Parisian duo is not confined by genres that limit their exploration of sound by simply refusing to stick to any type of music and call themselves producers of a specific type of music. In an interview with THUMP, the musicians explain they \”think that sticking to one specific type of music is not interesting unless you make it evolve using other cultures, or another point of view\”. This interesting take on music production comes through in all of their artistic endeavors, including their upcoming second EP off of Skrillex\’s OWLSA record label where the duo experiments with using texts to introduce their music instead of images. The idea behind the album is to have listeners come up with their own opinions and feelings towards the music instead of being \”spoon fed\” images that influence the character and atmosphere surrounding the song. In other words, the men of Alesia want the music to speak for itself by leaving out images and eliminating any possible preconceived notions one could have before actually hearing their album. This will be accomplished by having their album cover be a simple block of words explaining the concept (see image below) and picking random words as song titles, such as the Latin word \”ACII\” for their latest single which is available for free download on Alesia\’s Soundcloud. This, they believe, will stir up \”genuine emotion\”, force their critics and audiences to judge the album solely on its sound, and allow listeners to have individual and unique experiences with each track on the record.


You have to admit, it is an interesting concept that creates an intimate bond between artists and those who hear their music and I\’m excited to see what other plans the duo has up their French sleeves. Listen to Alesia\’s latest single \”ACII\” below and experience what pure, raw music sounds like without images inhibiting its potential.