We\’re zooming through the end of this year; after this, there\’s only one more Friday left in the month of October.

As time flies by and new music surfaces, we\’re blessed with so many quality tracks on a weekly basis. Fresh music coming from producers willing to experiment is what makes Friday Freebies what it is.

There\’s no doubt that dubstep isn\’t getting the same spotlight as it did in 2011 and 2012. While the main stage is cluttered with DJs playing their six-figure making, hour long sets, somewhere hidden in the festival ground is a stage occupied by dubstep-loving Bassheads. A bass-orientated show, whether it\’s Future or DnB, seems to bring the DJ closer to the crowd better than any other genre. The audience gets sweaty, grimy, nasty, or whatever you want to call it; the DJ gets to watch in awe, drop after drop, as thousands of enthusiastic bass lovers bang their poor heads and lose their neck and minds.

By now, you could probably tell I\’m excited for this week\’s list of tunes; we\’ve got a few tracks and a full-length EP, so let\’s check them out.

Friday Freebies: Weekend of October 24th, 2014

Habstrakt – Forward EP

French producer Habstrakt has been absolutely killing it this year. Emerging to the scene equipped with the gnarliest dubstep growls and bone-crushing bass-lines, his tracks have made it into the sets of SkrillexZeds Dead, and many more. Skrillex\’s ears must have caught Habstrakt\’s sound because his new \”Forward\” extended play has been released on NEST HQ, a free music label created by Skrillz himself.

You can download this bass-filled EP on NEST\’s website or simply listen here:

MitiS feat. Crywolf – Oasis (Bear Grillz Remix)

MitiS gets his already-spectacular track remixed with heavier, screaming synths courtesy of Bear Grillz. This song changes up different bass-lines and mixes them together fluidly; you can catch these two producers as they are currently on tour together.

Check out this tune and download it here:

Bassnectar – Now Ft. Rye Rye (Run DMT)

Run DMT is a name many die-hard dubstep fans know; he\’s back with vengeance. Taking on Bassnectar\’s album hit \”Now,\” this track has the potential to do some heavy damage. Here\’s what the King of Sound had to say for himself:

\”To anyone who said Dubstep is dead I would like to put this song directly into your face!!! :)\”

A simple yet meaningful message: dubstep is nowhere near dead folks.

Check out and download this monstrous remix here:

In Case You Missed It:

In this week\’s ICYMI, we\’re throwing it back to 2011. What better way to cap off a Friday of free music with a heavy remix from Bassnectar and ill.Gates? This grimy classic is a perfect way of preparing for next week when Bassnectar takes over Peoria for a Halloween throw-down.

Listen to this remix and download it here:

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