Happy Friday; start your night up properly with some Friday Freebies.

With just under 2 months until the new year, fresh music is pouring in by the dozen. More artists are releasing studio albums than ever before; the dance music sphere is booming. Aside from all of the big names debuting their first (hopefully) self-produced records, up and coming producers are taking advantage of the perks free releases bring: the ability to reach out to a large audience without having money stand in the way.

Let\’s do it. We\’ve got a genre-free collection for you guys this weekend; whether you want to rage the weekend away or simply relax and groove, you\’re at the right place.

Friday Freebies: Weekend of November 7th, 2014

Jackal – Chinchilla

One of my favorite up and coming producers, Jackal, has finally released \”Chinchilla,\” a track he\’s been teasing for quite some time now. Sticking to his familiar formula of simple yet well-produced beats, this tune will surely settle down nicely with the hip-hop lovers. Jackal is our featured freebie this week and I\’m sure you\’ll hear why.

You can download Jackal\’s new original or listen to it here:

LOUDPVCK & gLAdiator – Tony (Boombox Cartel Remix)

Goodness, what a long title! The Midwest boys of Boombox Cartel are back with this incredibly energetic remix of an already heavy-hitting tune. Retouch on your Scarface memories with this Tony Montana-approved track.

Check out this genre-bending remix and download it here:

CRNKN – Glaciers

LA-based producer CRNKN ditched festival trap and made the switch to a better-produced future sound. With that came endless possibilities, including this mellow track by the name of \”Glaciers.\” This song will definitely leave you smiling and wanting more; luckily, most of his new work is free.

Check out and download this tune here:

In Case You Missed It:

This week\’s ICYMI comes from French producer L\’homme aux 4 lettres, best known for his involvement in the mysterious Point Point project.

You can hear the Point Point influence in this one; I don\’t even know how to label this track. I would call it a genre-blending smasher, but I don\’t even know what genre this is. Let\’s just say this: it\’s strangely enjoyable. Click the free download button below and you\’ll receive a wide range of different tunes, all touching on this group of low-key, rising French producers.

Check out this weird (but awesome) track and download it here:

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