To play free slot machines, you won’t need to make any deposits, precisely because these games are designed to let you test the level of the room before making a decision and investing any real money. There are also online casinos that give you no deposit bonuses just for playing online slots, as we will see below. Free slot machines have all the features of their real money versions and generally allow you to play on a virtual budget so that you can become familiar with the betting system and check slot payline visit

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The Structure of Slot Machines

Online slots Although online slots are all different depending on the game chosen and the theme of the slot, there are some common characteristics that never change and that will allow you to switch from one title to another with ease:

Reels: Online slots usually consist of 3 or 5 reels on which the various symbols spin. There are exceptions with slot machines that have 4 reels or extra and updated versions of popular slots that even go up to 6 reels.

Paylines: Each slot allows you to win depending on how many paylines you select to play. The lines combine the different symbols arranged on the reels according to precise “paths” that will always be visible. More paylines mean more chances of winning, but also a higher spend if you play online slots for real money.

Symbols: the number of symbols varies depending on the slot machine you are playing but in principle you will always have neutral symbols, Wild and Scatter symbols, and Extra Symbols such as those that activate special slots features or provide you with Spins. Free. The good news is that each slot machine has its own section of information, usually under a button with the “i” icon where you will find all the useful descriptions on the symbols of the slots you are playing.

Prizes: Each slot machine always has prizes and prize pools, which go up according to the bet level chosen and the paylines selected. Many online slots can then give you an additional progressive prize pool, which usually reaches very high figures and which accumulates from game to game among all players.

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Welcome Bonus and Other Promotions

One of the strengths of online slots is undoubtedly the welcome bonus, as, at least in Italy, the slots always participate to the fullest in unlocking this extra credit to play. How does the welcome bonus work? The online casino you register with offers you a bonus which is usually a percentage of your first deposit. If the welcome bonus is 100% up to € 1000, it means that by depositing € 200 you would receive another 200 to play. The offers vary from casino to casino and are always well described in the “terms and conditions” that accompany the signup bonus these days on the web.

Having said that, however, it must be taken into consideration that the welcome bonus must be unlocked by meeting the wagering requirements. The most frequent is that the bonus amount must first be played by the user a “number” of times before it can be accessed. In this way, the casino protects itself from users who are not interested in the game but only in the extra bonus given upon registration. Slots, as we said, are the most convenient game in the initial phase because they always allow you to take advantage of the extra amounts and bonuses and also allow you to unlock them by playing the wagering requirements. Other types of very common bonuses for online slots are:

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  • No Deposit Bonus
  • Fun Bonus
  • Promotions and Leaderboards

No deposit slots bonuses are small amounts that can be given away to players before they even make a deposit. These are small non-withdrawable amounts that still allow you to play some casino games for real money, and generally online slots are always included in these very affordable offers. The “fun bonuses” are extra bonuses that can be won in certain circumstances by users and that must be unlocked before they can become real game bonuses. Also in this case you will always find “terms and conditions” ready to clarify all the features of the offer. Finally, depending on the online casino you choose, you will have more or less recurring, seasonal or unique and non-repeatable promotions, which will allow you to accumulate extra rewards for online slots.

How deposit with bank account and e-wallet

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E-Wallets: Paypal and Skrill

Among the electronic wallets PayPay and Skrill are the best known and also the most used in online bingo sites. With this payment method you can carry out transactions directly from your bank account or by connecting it to a credit or debit card, quickly and securely. But let’s go step by step: first you need to have your own personal PayPal or Skrill account on the official website. Registering is easy, free and fast, and you will immediately have the possibility to top up your account. You can do it conveniently online using a debit or credit card, or you can connect your bank account in order to use your funds for various purchases. Deposit funds with Skrill or PayPal is immeditely available for the user.

There are also other E-wallet or virtual bank accont available like Revolut or Wise, former Transferwise, which enables the user to apply for a virtual account which is something between a bank accont and a e-wallet. These company provide debit cards associated to a bank account number, they look like a bank account but striclty legally are not bank instritutions. These fintech company are financial institutions providing servises that are becoming more and more popular every day.

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Bank Account

A bank transfer is a payment method that involves moving funds directly from your account to that of the casino. This is a transaction that makes use of the security systems of the banks and guarantees maximum protection for your money and your data. Bank transfer once took 2 to 7 working days to move from one account to another, but given the competition from other competing online payment methods, these times have been significantly shorter in recent years. In general, it can take from 1 to 3 working days to credit or withdraw depending on the banks involved.

The transfer is made directly between the banks and therefore enjoys the protection guaranteed by the security systems of the latter. Banking institutions can in fact count on a strictly encrypted system which therefore allows money to move from one account to another practically without risk.