Esme, which is an upcoming duo from New York and Chicago have just released a beautiful chill tune for FREE. This track features chill, yet fun, electric guitar melodies and high synth leads. The clean-cut drum kit adds tightness to the track as a whole. Smooth Indie influenced vocals add to Esme\’s unique sound and feel.

Taken from Esme\’s Facebook they said:

There came a point when we stopped saying \’we
should\’ and simply started \’doing\’. In short, \’Here\’s to the Dreamer\’ is
about waking up and living out our dreams rather than being asleep and
limiting ourselves to only dreaming them.

These are definitely a duo to look out after, and we will keep you posted as their releases come!

Here\’s to the Dreamer!

Grab your free download off of their facebook and soundcloud and check out the tune below!

Also check our their first single \”Takeover\” here, which is also a free download!