Whenever you feel pain in the arches of your feet during walking, it means that you may be suffering from Plantar Fasciitis. Plantar Fasciitis is an inflammation of the ligament of your foot that supports your walking process. Although you experience painful walking but thanks to the massagers and deep tissue therapy that most of the problem gets solved within minutes. Click here for more

Does a foot massager help plantar fasciitis?

A massager is a powerful tool to heal the problems related to Plantar Fasciitis. You can enjoy lots of benefits of foot massagers sitting in your home. Thanks to the new technology, now you don’t need to go for massage therapy every time you suffer from pain. These massaging tools help in the dynamic stretching of various points of the feet so that you can get instant results. There are two basic types of feet massagers available in the market and you have to choose the one according to your requirements. Learn more at www.plantarfasciitisrunner.com.

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Manual Foot Massagers

Manual massagers include footballs and foot rollers which are not only easy to use but convenient as well. The manual massagers are recommended by the physical therapists because of their ease of use and healing powers. The greatest benefit of a manual massager is that you don’t need to find an outlet near you and you can easily control the strength of the massage you want to do. Manual massagers are less expensive as compared to the electric ones.

Electric Foot Massagers

Electric foot massagers are the advanced ones because they provide automatic kneading and heat which is absent in manual massagers. The electric massagers are bigger and most of the time they need an electric outlet to be plugged in. They are more expensive but come with lots of features. It is, therefore, important that you should check the models according to your needs.

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Best Healing Methods for Plantar Fasciitis

According to the study, doctors recommend massaging help to relieve the symptoms of plantar fasciitis but you also need to do the stretching of various lower leg muscles to experience prolong relief from the foot pain. When stretching will combine with massaging then you will find good relief and the problem will go away. Although Plantar Fasciitis can go away on its own you can do some healing techniques that support the healing process and here I would like to mention some healing techniques to improve the pain related to plantar fasciitis.

Physical therapy

Physical therapy is one of the most significant things you need to consider because a physical therapist addresses the issues related to misalignment that can be a contributing factor to plantar fasciitis. You can take the help of a physical therapist to promote better alignment of the foot and he will do some stretches and strengthening exercises of your lower leg, ankles, and calves to improve the problem and pain.

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Foot Rocker

A Foot rocker is a great device that not only relieves the inflammation and tightness but also plays a great role in solving the problem related to plantar fasciitis. A rocker helps stretching the calf muscles and tendons of your feet. You just need to place this device on the floor and keep on keep intact by standing on it. It will do all the stretches of muscles and contributes to increasing the blood circulation leading to instant results. This is especially helpful for athletes who get symptoms of the plantar fasciitis due to work out or play.

Night Splint

A night splint is another device that you can wear during sleep for stretching the arches of your feet. It is noticed that some people experience tightness during sleep so they can wear this night splint to eliminate tightness.

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Foot Massagers

Foot massagers are a great tool to heal chronic pain related to plantar fasciitis. The massagers not only improve blood circulation but also relieve the tightness of muscles. During the massage, your muscles get oxygen to enter cells and it releases toxins out of the body. A massager contributes a lot in healing the pain of plantar fasciitis.


“Orthotics” are recommended by the doctors because they play a key role in supporting the arches of your feet. Orthotics are an important part of treatment especially for those who have high arches. When you don’t give support to the high arches then repeated strain on your feet results in plantar fasciitis. They help the feet by absorbing shock and contribute to the overall recovery of muscles. You can walk more comfortably because the weight of the body is evenly distributed on the soles of your feet.

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How feet Massager help to treat Plantar Fasciitis?

A foot massager is an excellent device for plantar fasciitis because it exactly targets the location from where the pain starts. It targets the bottoms of your feet that stimulate the triggering points. You just need to place your feet on the rollers to experience deep tissue massage.

You can consider the massager rollers made up of wood to increase blood flow in your feet. Every kind of massager works differently but they have the same function and that it restores the blood flow at the bottom of your feet. You can experience a deep kneading massage to the insoles of your feet.

The best thing about foot massagers is that they not only relieve the pain but also fatigue and stress caused due to pressure. The heating function of a massager helps to lose the stiffness and increases the blow flow to the feet muscles. Now, with the help of various options, you can control the right amount of pressure for your feet. Overall, massagers play a significant role in treating the problem of plantar fasciitis.

Source: The Podiatry Group of South Texas

Wrap up:

Those who experience the symptoms of Plantar Fasciitis and want instant relief should consider purchasing a good quality foot massager. You just have to select the right device according to your feet size and shape. You should also consider the basic functions and working of the foot massager that you want to purchase.