If the title of this article confuses you, then you probably do not have any experience in growing certain types of plants or it is very small. Many representatives of the plant world have male and female strains, although this is not as evident as in mammals. Therefore, the cultivation of cannabis, ie the production of feminized seeds, is something that exists and is popular among growers, for a variety of reasons, which we will consider below.


But why is that so?

Female cannabis plants are the ones that produce flowers rich in cannabinoids, i.e. exactly what consumers need. Female flowers have enough aroma, taste, as well as the necessary effects required by this type of product.

For these reasons, with the help of genetic engineering, it contributes to the feminization of the seeds, so that the growers can get as many female plants as possible.

Many growers have enough equipment to be able to feminize the seeds themselves, ie to remove the male chromosomes, in order to result in a quality female plant.

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The problem of traditional marijuana cultivation

If you grow marijuana in the traditional way, ie let the pollination happen naturally, the chances of getting a female are 50%. This means that it can happen that you have a lot more male plants than females, which is not necessarily bad, but still not enough for commercial purposes.

To illustrate what this means, by another example, imagine that you are making cakes, but you have to throw them away because they are completely unnecessary. It is the same with the male cannabis plant.

Therefore, the problem of traditional marijuana cultivation is solved by applying genetic engineering. Through that process, the seeds are processed and turned into females, so that the strain that grows up will also be female.


Benefits of using feminized seeds

In terms of production, such seeds have certain advantages. They are most noticeable in terms of effort and resources. So, as benefits and advantages, we can single out that:

  1. You save yourself the effort you would put into growing plants that are of little use or useless to you.
  2. An investment in feminized seeds will pay off quickly. That way you secure a secure redemption and eliminate the risks.
  3. You rule out the possibility of having hermaphroditic herbs.
  4. Females contain more cannabinoids than males.
  5. With the help of feminized seeds, you get an almost 100% chance for a female shrub, which means that the losses are minimal.
  6. You do not need to be constantly around plants and destroying or transplanting males.

Who benefits most from feminized seeds?

In addition to the high percentage of CBD, these plants also have enough THC for those who use marijuana for recreational purposes. Of course, we are talking about people who want the highest quality maximum psychotropic or euphoric experience.

For these purposes, males can be good enough, because in females the effect is several times stronger.

Those who grow such plants for commercial use have the greatest benefit. They grow cannabis en masse, in agreement with pharmaceutical companies that then buy oil-producing plants and other CBD-containing products.

Also of great benefit are those who use a holistic approach to dealing with any symptoms they are dealing with.


How does this process of feminization take place?

As you can guess, it is a matter of genetic manipulation and engineering, which produces female plants that produce pollen that contains only female chromosomes. There are several methods for doing this:

  1. With the help of colloidal silver during growth, the plant is feminized and the female genes are retained in the pollen. This pollen then fertilizes the other plants, producing pure female offspring. Be careful not to use the colloidal silver plant for any purpose.
  1. Using silver thiosulfate, in a process similar to spraying with a colloidal agent. The plant will also produce female pollen, so it will fertilize the surrounding plants. That way feminized seeds are obtained.
  1. The method known as rodelizaton refers to natural techniques, in an attempt to leave as many female plants as possible. Thus they are forced on the self-pollination mechanism, which occurs in the absence of male strains in the environment. These methods provide a high percentage of females, but there is no 100% guarantee that they will all be “girls”. But the number is significantly higher than when this process would take place naturally.

The safest way to spot the male strains is to monitor them during development and if you notice pollen sacs, remove the plant before it matures. This will prevent the pollen of female plants.

It is important to emphasize that these processes are most successful if they take place indoors. If you grow plants outdoors, there is always a risk that they will be pollinated by other strains, even if they are far away from your plantations.

You also need to adjust the conditions to get the maximum quality. This is not possible if you are growing outdoors, as this way the plant depends on climatic conditions. If your goal is quality, then home breeding is right for you.



We hope you have learned something new and useful about growing cannabis with this information.

It is very important to understand the importance of the female units of this plant, especially for commercial purposes, the purchase or production of CBD oils and similar products. Quality is paramount in such cases.

Even if you cultivate it for recreational purposes, you certainly want to provide as much aroma, quality taste, and enough active substances for complete enjoyment.

That’s why it’s important to either know how to feminize the seeds yourself or to have a salesperson you trust. But even in those cases, you have to be careful, because one male strain can always appear and upset the balance throughout the harvest.