All professional gamers know how frustrating can be if you do not know how to level up and progress in the game. This is a common case with a World of Warcraft game. As you probably experienced, many turns, blocks, and twists can prevent you from progressing and getting to the next level. More precisely, in those situations, you either lose a life or lose all of your money.

For that reason, we decide to analyze this topic and help you reveal how you can level quickly in WoW. There are two major ways to achieve these – questing and farming dungeons. In fact, questing is the most practical and useful way to achieve success, however, we will analyze all other possible methods.


WoW Classic Questing

For most WoW players, questing in the game represent the major effort put in leveling up. The truth is that players do not get a huge amount of EXP for each quest. However, they are far more rewarding and useful in batches compared to killing the mobs.

The only problem is the fact that a player can not just complete a certain quest that he wants. Moreover, every zone in this game is customized for each player and his level. This means that every player needs to wander one zone and finish the quests there. When it comes to sharing the loot between the group, we can say that quests are better for solo players.

WoW Classic dungeon farming — Melee and Spell Cleave

After some time of understanding the game, players concluded that dungeon farming is worth just as much as questing. Therefore, this idea was shared among players and they started following this practice. The main goal is to grind EXP from elite mobs found in dungeons as a group. When the task is done properly, players can get even greater EXP per hour than they would for questing. This counts even for splitting EXP between the group of players.

Some of the major advantages of dungeon grinding refer to the fact that it requires less traveling time between the objectives and less time relying on monster drops.

What is very important in this part is party composition since the monsters need to be bunched up and AoE’d down effectively in order to allow players to get the rewards. Therefore, clear communication is the key to achieving this goal so you can play this with your loyal friends.


Other WoW Classic leveling tips and tricks

Always log out at inns or cities

All players usually know that inss and cities are locations where you are relaxing. More precisely, they represent a safe space where no one can attack you such as wolves or Murlocs. However, the good news is that you can take advantage of these spaces and get the most experience points if you log out here. In other words, you are giving yourself time to accumulate rested EXP while you are not there. Those rested EXP will double monster kill EXP which will lead to the bonus upon your return.

Kill everything you see

You can progress in the game and help yourself to level up by supplementing quests with monster kills. The main goal is to kill all monsters you come across while you are traveling from one quest to the next one. Players usually do not consider these EXP as something valuable. However, you can build up those extra EXP over time.


Budget your gold

One of the biggest difficulties in WoW is making money. This game is created in a way to collect your money at certain levels. In other words, new skills ranks can take away your chips, flight costs will be bigger and when you come to your first mount you will totally bankrupt. Therefore, it is necessary to learn how to earn gold that will help a long way in the gameplay.

You need to understand primary that there is no need to spend all of your money on every new rank of spell or ability that you come across. We know how they can be expensive and offsetting the purchase of amount for the sake of a 1% damage boost somewhere in the rotation will end up costing you more time than that mount would have saved you. However, you can look up optimal rotations and work out whether the beefed-up Thunder Clap will make the difference.

Grab first aid ASAP

Every mob in this game will drop some fabric including linen. Most players do not know this trick, however, these fabrics can be easily be used as triage items. Therefore, you can use it effectively as a bandage. Even though bandages are not effective as sitting down and eating in order to rest, they are pretty cheap and they can help you a lot in the time between fights. One more benefit of them is the fact that they are a fast solution. You can just wrap up an injury you have.

Consider purchasing WoW boost

Now, when we listed some of the basic things that can help you progress in the game and level up, we wanted to introduce you to one method that can help you achieve the same effect without the effort. In fact, this is the most faster way. We understand how overwhelming can be to spend a lot of time playing the game and putting a lot of effort without seeing relevant progress in the level-up form. Therefore, we searched for a solution and find that you can purchase different items that can help in the gameplay to achieve success and get faster the wanted outcome. There are different online websites that offer these kinds of services, so it is very important to find reliable and reputable ones. In order to help you save time, we did a little research and find a credible purchasing website. If you are interested, you can check the offer from reliable