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The World of Warcraft is an epochal game that keeps dominating the market for over 15 years. Its fun quests, challenging raids, and impressive expansions are aimed at risk-taking, bold, and ambitious players. If you are one of them, you have definitely heard about the expansion that is characterized by an infinite dungeon that is different every single time. New, inexperienced players will have to take a dare and make an effort to discover all the specifications of the game fast and dive into the process immediately.

First of all, the positive attitude and burning desire to prosper is the foundation needed for prosperity. At this point, you should remember that WoW is not about reaching the destination and achieving goals. It is a long and interesting process you should enjoy. So, do not rush, but rather relish every single moment you spend playing the game.

No matter if it is your first time playing the Shadowlands expansion, or you have already given it a try, the information about the changes that have taken place will never be out.

Check out the quick summary of things you can expect to see in the expansion with

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  • A new zone has been added so that new gamers will have much more fun covering the first ten levels of the game. You will never be bored with the impressive and comprehensive introduction;
  • Character levels have been infringed. Consequently, it takes less time to develop a new character and make it achieve the maximum level. The whole experience, at the same time, is much more satisfactory and enjoyable;
  • The process of character leveling has been modified. Currently, you should start in Exile’s Reach level, moving to the Battle for Azeroth. As you proceed with this stage, you will have an opportunity to advance your character from level 10 to 50. Finally, you will get a chance to jump into Shadowlands, taking your character to level 60.

Important Details the First-Time Player Should Mind

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It may be a bit unexpected and challenging for a new player to take lots of significant decisions right as you enter the game. Unfortunately, you have to select the server, race, faction, and class you want to play. You may regret your choices in the future, realizing that you have wasted lots of hours developing the character you do not like. Nonetheless, the struggle is real, and you should just make an effort to succeed, irrespective of the decisions you have made.

  • Server. There are a multitude of options to pick from but you always need to be responsible and selective to avoid “New Player” and “Maximum population” ones. Learn about the specifications of the service to make sure that’s exactly what you have been looking for;
  • Faction. This is another choice you will have to make. It will influence the development of the game, predetermining the number and types of races available;
  • Race. Once you have selected the settings, you should proceed to the next stage, selecting the race. At this point, it is indispensable to remember that every race is characterized by specific crafting processions and skills that can be developed. These are the fundamental factors that may influence your choice. Nonetheless, it is critical to remember about aesthetics, making the final decision;
  • Class. Finally, you come to the point when you have to pick a single class from 12 available options. Every item features 2-4 specifications that predetermine the abilities, skills, and roles in the group. Therefore, you have no right to make a mistake here as the whole game will depend on this point.
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When all the choices are made, you are ready to start playing. An important note for new players: you cannot be 100% sure that you have made the right decision, so you should not sweat all these specifications. Keep in mind that you are just a beginner, and there is always a chance to start over. As mentioned by the overwhelming majority of experienced WoW players, it can be boring to level only one character. Therefore, you should immerse yourself in the game and its specifications with the first character so that you know how to avoid mistakes in the future.

Top 5 Steps to Successful Start at Shadowlands

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The moment you have created your character, you are 100% ready to dive into the game.

At this point, you have two options to choose from. First of all, you can start with the first lever, discovering the peculiarities of the game and leveling your character up to the moment you reach the Shadowlands expansion. Alternatively, you can take advantage of the boost token that is available for free and start the game at level 50. Irrespective of the choice you make, you will have a chance to succeed even without specific knowledge of the game. Experienced players call WoW convenient, easy, and interesting, highlighting that in-game tutorials are enough to prosper.

Is this the first time you launch the WoW Shadowlands? Check out some of the basic tips that may help you reach the desired goal and enjoy every moment spent in the game:

  1. Pay attention to every single detail of the quest text. Unfortunately, the overwhelming majority of new players choose to skip dialogues and other introductory details that may be exceptionally important. Take your time to understand the story behind the game and transform the game into a much more exciting and thrilling experience.
  2. Use the level boost. Have you already learned the basics? Why don’t you use the boost token to advance your character to a level 120? Make sure you strive to skip numerous stages and relish more challenging and complicated battles.
  3. Keep in touch with other players. Although you can easily succeed independently, it is much more interesting to do it as part of a team. You can always make friends within the game or just stay connected with the current ones.
  4. Use extras to simplify the process. WoW is one of the most exciting and customizable games ever. Even though it may take you some time and effort to learn the specifications of the process, the final result is worth it.
  5. Relish the game. Adhering to the above-mentioned points, you will have a unique chance to succeed with all the easy and complicated aspects of the game. At the same time, as a new player, you should be ready to take risks and face challenges so that you could enjoy every moment spent playing the game.