Far Too Loud will be releasing a remix package of his own EP under the name \’Cocktails of Awesome\’. The EP will include an electro heavy groove remix from Trumpdisco, a killer dupstep remix from 501, an electro house stomper from Michael White, and a drum and bass VIP from Far Too Loud himself.

\”It was really fun and exciting doing this remix for one of my favourite producers\”
– Michael White

“Had great fun working on this one. Trying out some new sounds; blending them with my signature synths and creating something I hope you find as refreshing as I do!”
– Trumpdisco

“The original is like a great big budget action movie with bombs explosion and adrenaline. My version is the splatter movie adaption of the same!\”
– 501

“Can\’t believe it\’s taken me this long but here it is…my first DnB track. Cocktail complete!”
– Far Too Loud

Released: 23/03/2015