When it comes to jewelry and precious stones, nothing comes as near to the popularity and desire as a diamond. These crystal clear stones, that have been formed millions of years ago and were sleeping peacefully beneath the earth’s surface have gained immense popularity with time.

But did you know that diamonds are not only crystal clear and colorless. Yes, the colorless are the ones that everyone is used to seeing and visualizing, but there are many other different forms of diamonds as well, that too in many different colors. One of them is yellow.

Yellow diamonds are 100 percent real diamonds, and are mined in the similar processes as the colorless ones. The only difference is in their colors, which makes them so apart from one another. These yellow diamonds are more common than any other colored diamonds. You can check out some beautiful yellow diamonds here.

There are many different colors available in the market if you are looking for an alternative to the plain, clear diamonds. And if you are planning on buying some yellow diamonds, then you should also know everything about them. But do not worry, as the following article deals with 6 facts that you definitely did not know about the yellow colored diamonds:

1. The Tint Is Due To Nitrogen


Usually, diamonds are considered as the purest elements known to mankind, as they contain up to 99 percent of a single element, carbon. But these yellow diamonds have nitrogen present inside of them. And this small presence of nitrogen is what makes them yellow.

The carbon molecules in the diamond’s structure are held together and packed very tightly, close to each other, leaving almost no space. That is what makes it so hard and almost indestructible. But nitrogen being a smaller element, finds its way into the diamond’s carbon lattice and gets incorporated.

It is like these small nitrogen molecules sneak inside the spaces between the carbon molecules and start absorbing blue light only. This makes them emit different shades of yellow light, and thus, imparts the dazzling yellow tint to the jewel.

2. Every Yellow is Different


These might look alike, but in reality, no two yellow diamonds have the exact same shade. This is due to the fact that different stones have absorbed a different quantity of nitrogen, and reflect yellow light on different visible spectrums of light. Thus, it is safe to say that every yellow diamond is unique in its own way.

3. The Two Different Types


There are 2 major types of yellow diamonds, named “Capes” and “Canary”. The Capes are named after the area that they were first extracted from the Cape Province of South Africa. These are bright and have a subtle tint of yellow to golden shade in them. They are also relatively common, and thus, quite affordable as well.

The Canaries, on the other hand, are the more brighter and beautiful yellow fancy diamonds. These fancy jewels are used to make jewelry as they are quite lustrous and gorgeous. Moreover, they are not acquired from a specific area or province, and hence the name Canary to depict the bright yellow singing bird.

4. They Are The Most Affordable Colored Diamonds


You can consider them as the cheaper alternative to the regular diamonds, and if you are looking to make investments in jewelry, then these are the one for you. Unlike the other colored diamonds, these are generally more easily found and preferred.

In fact, almost 60 percent of all the colored diamonds are yellow only. This makes them easy to locate. These have seen a surge in sales and popularity as compared to the earlier times, as they are now seen for their true beauty and symbolism. Yellow diamonds are still rare, if you compare them with the colorless ones.

Rarity and pricing also depends on the cut, clarity, and quality of the diamonds. The clearer they are and the sharper their cut it makes them more valuable and rare. Their availability also is an important factor, considering the fact that only 1 in ten thousand is a colored fancy diamond, and 6 times out of a total of 10, they are yellow.

5. They Are A Better Investment Option


The jewelry market is not volatile and everyone is aware of the fact that the other forms of investments have seen quite a hit in business lately. These could prove to be a wonderful form of investment, firstly because they are diamonds, and secondly because they are relatively quite cheap.

You can invest in other forms of jewelry as well, such as gold. But almost everyone is doing that as it is a much safer bet to play. You can stand out of the crowd by investing in some dazzling yellow diamonds. Make sure to obtain the GIA certificate of your purchase to seal off its authenticity, as it is universally accepted and is a safer option than the others.

6. Some Of The Most Famous Yellow Diamonds


There are many yellow diamonds all over the world, but only a few have made it into the history books. These are the Tiffany Yellow, which is currently owned by Tiffany and Co. after buying it in 1878.

The Incomparable is another one, and is the third largest diamond of the world. This one has a weight of whooping 407 carats, making it very precious.

Word Of Caution:


Even though these jewels are absolutely stunning and would make you want to empty your pockets, it is advised to be very sure of your purchases, and trust only the brands and outlets that you think are the best option for you.

There are many people who claim to be selling original diamonds, but it is advised to make sure you are purchasing the right thing or not. Obtaining a GIA certificate becomes an absolute necessary step, no matter how closely you know the retailer or seller.


Diamonds are for ever, and these fancy jewels are available in many different colors, shapes and sizes. Out of all these, the most famous is the yellow one, which gets its color from the presence of nitrogen. Always make it a point to get a GIA certificate for all your purchases.