The hugely versatile and electrifying producer/DJ duo Felguk are just rounding off what has been another highly impressive year. Blistering tracks have landed during the course of the last eleven or so months, (most recently \”Showtime\”), and they also found themselves in the DJ Mag Top 100 Poll – not a bad position for any dance act. We managed to grab a few words with them about their recent projects.

Was the writing process for \”Showtime\” a quick one?

We usually don’t have something clear in mind of what the track will be. We try lots of different drops, and breakdowns and see if something comes up. In \”Showtime\”, we started with a small embryo drop.

How have you found crowd reactions so far?

Amazing, it’s a very powerful track on the dance-floor! Heavy sounds and easy to follow.

Outside of electronic music, where do you take your musical influences?

We both have grown up listening to rock. When we are not listening to electronic music (something that is very difficult to happen), we try to go for a very different genre direction, this way we can refresh our ears and then start all over again!

What is your favorite club/festival to play to date? Is there one club in the world you would most like to play that you are yet to have graced?

Our favourite festival to date its Tomorrowland and it would be pretty rad to play in Amnesia Ibiza.

What do you have planned for the New Year?

New Year’s will be celebrated here in Brazil, in a city close to Rio de Janeiro (where we live), and this way we can take our family with us =)

Finally, from both of you, your top tune at the moment?

Fel: Knife Party – \”404\”

Guk: DVBBS & Dropgun (ft.Sanjin) – \”Pyramids\”