Flux Pavilion and Doctor P\’s Circus Records have just snapped up relatively new bass act Diskord, and they release their first single with the label \”Tell Me Why\” on October 27th. We wanted to hear more from this pair, based in the UK, and how they go about creating their trademark hybrid sound.

You guys have only been working together a couple of years. How does it feel to have such success in a short period of time?

We pinch ourselves every day because constantly amazing things are happening, and it seems like a couple of weeks ago we were just sat in the studio drinking cups of tea, talking about how sick it would be if we could get Circus to even listen to our music!

What can we expect in further releases from you on Circus Records?

The main thing we want to achieve is to make each release better than the last. So you can expect us to only put out what we believe is the best music we can possibly make!

“Tell Me Why” is a heavy track, how do the crowd react when you drop it?

It\’s always been a highlight of any set we played it in, and we\’ve had amazing feedback from people like Brillz, Antiserum, Doctor P and Snails that it\’s been smashing it in their sets too, so we know it\’s a winner!

Working as a duo, do you have different roles in the creation process?

Everything we do is a 50/50 collaboration, so each of us takes on whatever role we need to get the job done… Sometimes one of us starts an idea but it\’s only when we work together that it becomes a real thing.

With the bass genre ever evolving, where do you see your sound developing in the future?

We don\’t know yet – and that\’s the most exciting thing about writing dance music. What\’s kept us both involved in the bass scene for so long is that you never know what\’s coming next, and every day you hear something new. Hearing exciting innovations, in dance music or from other scenes, and molding them into what we do is what keeps us motivated. So the only thing we can say for sure is that a year down the line, we won\’t be making the exact same sounds as we do now.

You can pre order \”Tell Me Why\” here.