When Excision announced a few months back that he wanted to create a festival for bass lovers by bass lovers…well that should’ve flared off everyone’s radar. Speculation galore on who all would be staking claim to stage time on during this event, and with the lineup finally out…basically if you use any sort of low end in your music, you’re on this list. I’m talking Rezz, Zeds Dead, Herobust, Virtual Riot…hell Seven Lions is on this thing along with, of course, the mandatory Excision x Datsik b2b.

So you’re probably wondering, when, where and how much right? Well mark your calendars and get your camping gear in order because its September 29th to October 1st out in Thorneville, Ohio (40 minutes give or take from Columbus for those unfamiliar with the area) and all your ticket and camping information is posted up right here with GA at a smooth $129 for all three days. Check the full lineup down below if you need any more convincing to mark this one down.