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Long-distance relationships are a difficult phase. Not getting to see the person you love the most and care for can be very difficult especially, during the pandemic when the means of traveling are closed. There are plenty of ways to handle a long-distance relationship, but sometimes it may get boring.

People often think that the only way to interact with your partner while in a long-distance relationship is through video calls and virtual dates. Well, that is one of the common ways to interact, but there are certainly more ways that can be quite interesting and bring a new spark to your relationship.

1. Send gifts

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One of the most important ways to express attachment and feelings for your partner is by sending them gifts. You can show your love by choosing a personalized gift and sending it to them. There are plenty of options available on the internet for choosing a delightful gift that can light up your partner’s day.

Customizable gifts are better when it comes to expressing deep feelings for your partner. You can choose to send a collection of tiny gifts or a big gift. These are great options to surprise your partner.

2. Write letters

You can choose to go the old-school way and write a letter to your partner. The vintage feel of writing letters and decorating them with traditional stamps and flowers can be better. You can write your feelings and send them to your love and expect a reply. This will also make it interesting for your partner as they will receive a letter, read it, feel it, and then write a reply.

With the ongoing virtual date, writing letters on the side can give the aesthetic feel as well as some excitement that will bring you closer to your partner. Also, writing all your feelings together in a long letter can be cherished forever in the digital age of vanishing texts—a memento for life.

3. Fancy virtual dates

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Plan a fancy virtual date with your partner. This can include cooking your favorite foods, pouring your favorite wine, getting dressed up, putting up romantic lights, creating a musical ambiance, etc. This can be quite exciting and can give a reason to your partner to perform and put effort.

Virtual dates need not be boring, like just a video call. This method of making it a fancy date can be fun and, in some cases, important to light up the day. Both of you will have something to look forward to. You can also spice things up during a fancy date by video calling through

4. Order each other food

Although it is a long-distance relationship, you obviously know the address of your partner. So, why not give them a surprise by ordering their favorite food from their favorite food place. This can surely light up your partner’s mood because who doesn’t love food? And when it is a surprise, the food tastes better.

5. Cook food together

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Another form of virtual date, but slightly different —you can plan a day, a recipe, and prepare to cook a great meal with your partner, but for yourself. Plan a date with the motive of cooking together the same meal. While cooking, not just follow a recipe and keep cooking. You must also keep interacting with your partner.

Interactions can be done by guiding each other in preparing the meal and experimenting with the recipe. You must also joke around, tell stories, and do all possible things to make the date a perfectly enjoyable and exciting one.

6. Spotify chill

Music is the best way to connect to anything. Whether it be some person, place, some activity, etc., the perfect music can give the perfect vibes and get you more involved in the job. When it comes to relationships, it is not a job but a vital part of life that must be connected to your soul.

Thus, switch to music in Spotify or any music platform and create new playlists with your partner. You can explore new music, and if you want, you can sing in full volume to make it more enjoyable. Talking about how some music is important to you can be a great topic of conversation while listening to music.

7. Movies and popcorns

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Watching movies is the best kind of date, no matter what. But how do you watch movies together while in a long-distance relationship? Well, there are quite a lot of video calling platforms that can be used to stream movies and watch them together with your partner. You can choose any common favorite movie and watch it.

And complimentary popcorn is a must while watching movies. So, have popcorn on the side and your love. Sounds like a perfect date? Also, do not just watch a film like it’s a necessity. Watch a film, interact with your partner, share thoughts and stories based on the film, etc.

8. Play games

Are you and your partner obsessed with playing games but do not get time to play it with the overload of life and work? Then this can be the perfect way to have an exciting time with your partner. Choose the most interactive and competitive game and get started with it. There are plenty of games that let the players speak while playing.

Make sure to keep interacting with your partner and get competitive. Playing games without the feeling of competition and letting your partner win simply will drop down the fun. Thus, enjoy while doing this activity. This will also be beneficial to you as you get time to chill from your work schedule and have a great time with your favorite person.


There are many ways that can eliminate the boredom of a long-distance relationship. You just need to look for the right one and get started with it. Relationships are an important part of life, so it is not wrong to put effort into making it interesting for yourself and your partner. But, it is also important to make sure that you do not invade personal space.