While buying any electric device, one always makes sure that its battery-life is as per the required limits. Purchasing something whose battery is not long-lasting, would render one with the discomfort of having to charge the device again and again, while disrupting the work being done at the same time.

To avoid these mishaps, it is advised to look at the details of the battery of the electric device you are purchasing. You are smart already since you looked for this article.

While it is not always about battery life, following the right storage and operating ways while operating any electric device will make sure you use it for a really long time.

Let us guide you through the battery life and charging cycle of an electric mower along with some comparative descriptions with some other electronic devices to give you a better insight into the device’s battery life.


How Long Do Electric Lawn Mowers Work

Relying on the commodity you purchased, the life of an electric lawn mower’s battery is approximately one hour and works for one hour before wanting to undergo another charge cycle again. A newly bought mower can function for 9-10 years and its battery can work for approximately 4-5 years. Which is really decent for a one-time buy.

Battery Life Of A Completely Charged Mower

With the idea that you purchased a cordless electric lawn mower, it follows that you must remember it is powered by a combination of cells made of different substances. Once you have replenished the battery entirely, you need to know how long does this completely-recharged battery work before it would need to be charged again.

An entirely-charged lawn mower labors for approximately one hour or can go upto 90 minutes. This time could vary according to the category of battery the mower functions upon. Regarding land, it can work upon, a fully-charged lawn mower can work upon half an acre of land before needing to be recharged.

Not just this factor, while buying a lawn mower, consider the type of battery it has. Make sure to buy one whose battery gets recharged in the least time and still lasts for an hour.


A Lawn Mower’s Charging Cycle

The battery of your electric mower can board depending upon what type it is. It could have a lead-acid battery or a lithium-ion one, and thus the constituent contents, chemical composition, and properties will differ greatly.

You must already be using mobile phones, and would know that once you charge them fully, they forfeit their ability to be rechargeshed again to 100%.The identical happens with the batteries of electric lawn mowers.

If you possess lead-acid ones in your mower, and you charge them entirely to 100%, use them and then recharge them again, you will never be able to charge your battery to 100%. It would be charged to around 80% or 90%, which would go on depleting further with every recharge. This happens because the charge holding ability of the battery does not remain intact forever, as it was in the outset when you bought it.

The better alternative here is Lithium-ion batteries. Because once you use them, and charge them for like 60% and then drain them completely, the battery can again be recharged to 100%, or its entire capacity.

One needs to be a little more scientific and active while utilizing lithium-ion combinations of cells to gain the maximum benefit from their plus-points. Make sure you charge them to a little less than their full capacity(assume 95%) and then utilize them until they are seeped totally. This practice is known as the best for improving the battery vitality of electric devices.

Do not recharge them when they still have like 30% of the battery left.

Another important fact to be kept in mind is that with time(about 3 to 4 years) these batteries will start taking additional time to get charged and smaller time to get discharged. Your lawn-mower’s battery is getting old. It would now take about 120 minutes to recharge completely as compared to the 90 minutes it used to take when new. This is a sign that your lawn mower’s battery is getting old.

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Things To Keep In Mind For Keeping Your Battery Intact For Long

  • One important factor is to store your lawn mower’s battery in the right way.  The temperature conditions and environment must be completely optimal for starting your mower’s battery. The right temperature ranges from 50F-75F. Also, remember to keep the batteries(be it lithium-ion battery or lead-acid battery) fully charged before storing them.
  • Another management factor to keep in mind is to recharge your mower’s battery properly. Always charge them to a little less than their full capacity and then use them until they are fully drained. This will enhance battery life and keep it long-lasting.
  • Always tighten the connections and wires appropriately before using your lawn mower. Make sure to look for any damage to the wires to avoid any accidents at work.
  • Make sure to properly clean so that the wires of the battery are not damaged. Use anti-corrosion gel or any sort of device that can help you prevent corrosion.
  • Another thing needed is to keep your lawn mowers indoors.  Disconnect the battery from the mower and store it indoors. This will help maintain the longer battery life of your lawn mower.
  • Make sure to turn off all the switches on your lawn mower after you are completed with your work. Cross-check everything once you are done with the work.


Now that you have all the details about the battery of your electric lawn mower, make sure to use them in the most appropriate way to make the most of their battery life. Store them properly, clean them to avoid corrosion. Store them indoors to manage the batteries in a well-mannered way. Replace the battery if required, to avoid any frustrations at work.

We wish your lawn lowering experience remains stress-free and you enjoy cleaning your garden to the most.